Wednesday, 29 September 2010


The first Panther kit I had was the Matchbox version - built c1977.  I think that this kit still rates as a very good representation - here are a couple (built in 1995) borrowed for the photo from the Panzer Regiments of 5 Panzer Division and Panzer Lehr.  Both are built straight from the box with only a few bits of stowage and (for 5PD) a commander figure added.

Having started with the Matchbox kit, you may well imagine my disappointment with the Airfix Panther!  While I have never built one from the box (or - to reveal my great age - bag) I acquired several wrecks as part of the haul from JR's attic (see previous post) a few years ago.  From bits of half a dozen Panthers I eventually ended up with two 'normal' tanks, a BergePanther recovery tank and (bottom right) a Panzerbeobachtungswagen (artillery OP) version.  They are marked up as the vehicles of 10 Panzer Brigade at Kursk.  Between them, the four models have only three tracks!  By cutting them up and adding side skirts to every tank, I was nearly able to make the three lengths (2 Airfix and 1 Matchbox) go round.

This is where I ran out of tracks - the lack of same on the front right of this Panther is disguised by a bush!

A front view of the Panzerbeobachtungswagen - JR had already converted the turret.

Moving more up to date, here is the Fujimi (I think) kit - currently serving as part of 1 SS Panzer Division 'Leibstandarte'.  This is a very chunky kit with many additional detail parts (side skirts, MG ring on the cupola etc) which the earlier kits lacked.

Finally we have a captured Panther - not the much photographed 'Cuckoo' of Guards Armoured but 213 Tank Brigade of the Red Army.  I think this is an Esci kit as the tracks were made up of hard plastic sections (you're right - I didn't build it!).  It helps to brighten up an otherwise rather bland box of T-34s.


Paul said...

Hmmm, they all look Panther-purrrr-fect to me!

I must drag my ones out, I had thought of retiring my Airfix/Matchbox combos, and indeed had hidden them out of the way while waiting to get some Armourfast or Italeri fastbuilds...but like most of my plans....

Tim Gow said...

Thats the thing about toys - one man's embarassing relic is another man's Panzer Battalion. I always seem to be the other man.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Nice Russian Panther!

That gives me the excuse to buy yet another Panther kit!

Tim Gow said...

Happy to oblige, Geordie! I had something of a glut of Panthers and it makes a nice change to represent a Russian medium tank brigade with something other than a T-34. Although my Russians also have Lees (the 'grave for seven comrades')and Shermans.