Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Blandford books

 I’ve made reference in posts to several of the Blandford series of books over the years.  I have mine gathered in one shelf within easy reach of my painting table.  Here are all 43 of them, inevitably sharing space with various terrain bits and a few figures, including a 1/32 gorilla.  Don’t ask.  

I used to have rather more but I’ve hung on only to the military(ish) stuff.  I gave the car and rail related books to a local RMBI care home which particularly wanted books on these subjects for a couple of residents. 

To save your eyes I also photographed the books in batches.  Let me know in a comment if you’d like to see more of any particular volume. All but three are hardbacks and I don’t think more than half a dozen were bought new. 

This pair were the first Blandfords I owned - from c1980.   One still wears it’s price tag - £3.75 - though I suspect it was actually cheaper. 

As to picking a favourite, that’s always going to be tricky.  This one, however, is a particularly well-thumbed tome, containing as it does all manner of outlandish stuff!

I mean, what sort of maniac would build anything like this?


Brad DeSantis said...

I love "The Thunder Box" Tim! You did a great job creating that model! Any other pictures from that book would be appreciated!

The Good Soldier Svjek said...

Cracking books , they have stood the test of time !

Sun of York said...

I was using one of mine today. They certainly helped get me into doing wargaming "right".

Hugh Walter said...

These kinds of idiots! Scroll down;


(Sorry I posted this comment on the wrong article and can't find it! Delete)


Mike Lewis said...

I have a lot of Blandfords as well. Always useful and inspiring to look through...

Pete. said...

An enviable reference section- I have a few myself.



tradgardmastare said...

Wonderful to see these old favourites, full of information and inspiration, a bit like ourselves?
I have had many on and off over the years, many succumbed to house moves and downsizing.

John Y said...

That's a great looking collection, Tim. I saw a couple of intriguing titles there that I'm now off to search the web for.