Thursday 31 December 2015

Sheffield Games Day 2015

As is customary, the post-Christmas meeting of Sheffield Wargames Society ran from midday until...well whenever everyone went home I suppose.

My own little group played two Command & Colours Ancients games and a couple of card games, with pauses for pie & peas and cake. I thoroughly enjoyed the day - a great combination of convivial company, good food and entertaining games.  And I was home by 8.15pm.
Pasargadae, 550BC
Ticinus River, 218BC

Full reports on the C&C games will follow but here are a few photos of the other games.
 Harvey and Frank doing their level best to look festive.  Their game was a Bishops' Wars affair using 6mm toys and a variant of the Neil Thomas 'One Hour' rules.

 Also present was this large Waterloo game.

It all looked very energetic!


Duc de Gobin said...

Great looking games. Good to see Command and Colours again.

Is the Waterloo game done with Blucher - epic spectacle. (or is it the secret Napoleonic version of Megablitz).

(Have also been playing Megablitz recently - had it for years, and only getting around to it now lol. Beautiful operation concepts at work. I need to do Market Garden with it - as your games look wonderful, with lots of difficult decision making implicit in the writeup.)

Tim Gow said...

Duc de Gobin
I'm really not sure what rules the Waterloo game used - perhaps one of the players will chip in and tell us?
I did indeed write a napoleonic game some years ago. We've not played it for many years, from which you may draw your own conclusions!
If I can locate my copy I'll post it as a download.
Glad to hear you're getting along with Megablitz.