Friday, 19 June 2015

Neue Stan Halle, 1979 - part 5

 The 'Red God of War' was much in evidence.  This is the towed artillery battalion firing in support of the DDR motor rifle regiment.  The guns may look a lot like old Crescent 5.5s but they are really 122mm M1937s...
Here is the target - a dug-in US infantry company accompanied by a tank company.  The enormous APC is a Tri-ang LARC-5 standing in for an M-113.
The defenders rush to man the trenches!  Which in this photo look a lot like grass clippings.  The rather nice 1/32 figures are of an unknown make which crop up regularly on eBay.  (above three photos by Bob)
Bloody hell - there are a lot of the buggers out there!  (photo by Russell)
The US tanks soon came under fire and popped smoke.  This being an outdoor game it blew about a bit!
The enemy - most of the Forbodia MRR on the march.  (photo by Bob)
A rare glimpse of the headless combat photographer.  (photo by Jack, legs by Ian)
An impressive sight?  The entire Forbodian MRR.  (photo by Bob)
Forbodian MR battalion mortar battery and AT platoon.  The mortar fire was embarrassingly poor!  (photo by Bob)


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Cool variety of kit

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If that's a nice way of saying "what a load of old crap" you are spot on!

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Paul Foster
It was rather.