Monday, 15 June 2015

Neue Stan Halle, 1979 - part 3

Early in the game the NATO forces launched quite a few recce flights, including this US Army helicopter...(photo by Bob)
...and this RAF Jaguar.  (photo by Russell)  Why all this effort on recce?
Because we were using hidden movement - with WARPACT battalions and NATO battlegroups being represented by flags.  Some of course were decoys...  (photo by Bob)
The NATO plan - no wonder they were confused!  (photo by Jack)
 Hostilities opened with a salvo of FROG rockets.  The simulator for this is a toy called a Junior Stomp Rocket which used air to project an eight inch foam rocket to ranges of over 30 feet!  The first fell embarrassingly short - nearly hitting the Party HQ! (photo by Russell)
The next was a bit better, at least landing within sight of Neue Stan Halle.  It still didn't hit anything though.  (photo by Russell)


Peter Douglas said...

Foot stomped air powered beef rockets! Will the wonders never cease?
Looks fun
Cheers, PD

Peter Douglas said...

Excuse the autocorrect, it should say Nerf rockets. Beef rickets would be boy one even you I expect.

Pete. said...

Love the long range artillery idea.

30ft range... To paraphrase Jaws 'We're going to need a bigger lawn'.



Tim Gow said...

It's definitely a weapon of mass hilarity!

Tim Gow said...

Peter Douglas
As yet the game has no system to simulate Beef Rickets - I shall get straight on to it!