Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Neue Stan Halle, 1979 - part 4

 As hostilities opened, a Porsche-driving foxy chick appeared in the town square.  She soon attracted the attention of some West German policemen....
 ...and the nearby US HQ.
Suddenly she produced an RPG-7 from her car while the cops - actually Spesnatz - whipped out (oo-err missus) AK rifles and the ensemble set about attacking the US command team.  (all three above photos by Bob)
Despite Mata-Harski's training and the fanatical bravery of the Spesnatz team the whole lot was mown down as they assaulted the US headquarters. (photo by Russell)
This made for an entertaining episode early in the game and turned out to be the high point of Spesnatz activity!  I can only hope that the dolly and her Porsche have been returned to the small child from whom they had been stolen for the game.


Conrad Kinch said...

Hmmm...a clever chap with some toy cars could knock together a pretty convincing column of refugees.

Spetznatz and other Soviet nasties could be mixed in with them.

Red_Cardinal said...

Closer examination by the US guards would probably have revealed that the "Porsche" was actually a cunningly disguised Trabant - A 'Q-Car' if you will. :)

Tim Gow said...

Conrad Kinch
A cunning plan indeed sir!

Tim Gow said...

Red Cardinal
Glamorous spies are hardly likely to be slumming it in a Trabbie - it would look terrible in the film.

Red_Cardinal said...

It would be Soviet Neo-realist Cinema at its finest :)