Friday, 24 April 2015

Plancenoit 1815 - part 1

"Give me Blucher or give me night" quoth the Duke.  This time round he again got Blucher.  This scenario came from the C&C website.  As far as I can recall this was the first outing for my Prussians in at least a decade!  John led the Prussians and Martin the French.  All the toys were from my accumulation - I hesitate to dignify it with the title of 'collection' - of 15mm.
Above is part of the Germanic horde.
The field of battle.  Prussians to the left.  Quite a lot of them.
The French left.  This game saw rare appearances from lancers and the Young and Old Guard!
A quick look from the other end of the table.  The clumps of troops in the centre of the table are Frenchies in and around Plancenoit.
Hostilities open - and the French rush forward to seize the other villages...
...but are soon engaged by an impressive block of Prussians.  Rarely have French gunners had such a target!
Prussian light infantry soon saw off the gunners but the French in Plancenoit managed to beat off the attack.
Soon the Young Guard arrived to see off the Prussian lights.  What could go wrong?
Well for one thing, the Prussians could seize the village.  Merde!
The area around Plancenoit was soon piled high with bodies.  You'll have to imagine them.

Place your bets now on the outcome!


Archduke Piccolo said...

Are the blocks brigades, or some other unit/formation? The thing looks (very vaguely) similar to my own BB4ST project (still on hold whilst I get my ... erm ... stuff together...).

Peter Douglas said...

I also had a fight at Placenoit in the last week, as part of a 100 Days campaign using Blucher. We Brits and our ¥£€%#^} Prussian allies were defending against Napoleon.

Tim Gow said...

Archduke Piccolo
The unit sizes, or rather the units the toys represent, seem to vary between scenarios. I designed a high level Napoleonic game some years ago but the C&C system works very well for us.

Tim Gow said...

Peter Douglas
I was Blucher in a sprawling Waterloo game about 12 years ago. All that falling off my horse took its toll I can tell you...

Martin Rapier said...

As above, the unit scale is variable. I'd have to check the OB for the actual battle, but for this I suspect the elements are roughly regiments, or possibly around 1000 blokes.

At least I didn't have to attack across a river and uphill this time!