Saturday, 20 December 2014

West of Kleineburg, 1979 - part 2

The British briefing sent to John A read as follows.  You will notice that there are some significant differences between this map and the one sent to the Forbodians!
The Paras deploy
British briefing
 Elements, 3 Para

Btl HQ                                     HQ
2 Inf Co, ea:                             2 Infantry,

1 battery of 105mm guns located to the north (off table)
Observer is attached to 3 Para

Support: air support is most unlikely.  Enemy air activity is light to moderate.


Some days into the Warsaw Pact’s assault on Western Europe, NATO forces ‘pocketed’ by the initial enemy attack have struck South.  To hamper enemy forces being redeployed your force was helicoptered in last night.  Enemy forces in at least battalion strength are expected from the west (point A) moving to the east.  So far you have prepared the bridge for demolition and arranged the materials for a roadblock (D)  The roadblock is not yet in position..  Your forces may deploy anywhere in the area bounded by line E and may be dug in.


Chris Kemp said...

That Wessex is a looong way west of KLEINBERG, Tim :-)



Tim Gow said...

Chris Kemp
Sorry Chris - I wasn't allowed to use the real photos of the Kleineburg operation as they're still classified. Rumour has it that they'll be available later today....