Friday, 29 August 2014

Elchingen 1805 - part 2

Nearly forgot to post this - the second half of my game report!  Above can be seen the Austrian counterattack on the village while to the right(!) if the frame are some Austrian cuirassiers off to do battle with the French heavies.
The cavalry battle - watched by some French gunners.
A brief but bloody affair, the French had (just) the best of it.
An overview of the centre.
The French Cantiniere taking her horse to water.  I wonder if it had a drink...
Austrian infantry sweeping round the flank
The French still clinging to the village....
...and taking the ridge from the flank.  Sneaky!
More cuirassiers!  The plucky Cantiniere cheers on the French cavalry.
Endgame.  The French clinch a narrow and hard fought victory by overrunning the Austrian guns.  To quote the French General "It was the chaps in bicornes what done it."  It probably sounded a lot better in French.

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