Thursday, 21 August 2014

Alpha Jet - part 1

I've already mentioned this kit here and here.  And now....on with the build!
The contents and the box.

The initial build went smoothly but some parts did need clamping into place while the glue dried.

Though the box featured a 'clean' aerobatics machine, I was encouraged by the discovery on the sprue of pylons and bombs.  That's more like it!


Stephen Beat said...

An interesting little aircraft. I have a fondness for 'trainers' that have the ability to be used as ground attack aircraft too. When I was younger I made the airfix Jet Provost - I think it was in Saudi or Omani colours - and that was a weaponised version.

Looking forward to seeing what colour scheme you apply! :)

Al said...

Cool kit, looks tidy too

Paul Foster said...

Great stuff.

Remember back in the 80's when the Hawk was tooled up with 9 lima's and were the last line of defence...Good times.

You should do a Hawk now!

Tim Gow said...

Stephen Beat
Rest assure I won't be using the French aerobatics colours!

Tim Gow said...

It's a nice wee thing, though not an aircraft I'm very familiar with.

Tim Gow said...

Paul Foster
If I find a cheap Hawk - who knows?

Michael Peterson said...

Nice. I didn't know that Heller made model planes. I thought they were just model railroad stuff.
Pylons and bombs are always more fun.

Tim Gow said...

Michael Peterson
I didn't know they did railway stuff!