Saturday, 23 August 2014

Elchingen 1805 - part 1

We played this scenario on 13 August.  I put this game together a short notice having forgotten that I was to take the game that week!  I thus quickly printed out the scenario from the CCN website here , sorted out the terrain and dug out the boxes of French and Austrian toys.  Encouraged by the fact that they - for once - wouldn't have to attack across a river and up a hill, Martin opted to lead the French while John led the Austrians.  As it turned out, the Frenchies had already crossed a river (the Danube) but still had a ridge line to assault!  Above are the French massing...
...and the Austrians atop their hill!
 An overview of the field of battle.  Austrians on the left, French on the right.
French cavalry still crossing the Danube.

The initial French attack was focused on the village...
...from which the reluctant Austrians were driven at bayonet point.
Note the diminishing strength of the unit accompanying the French general (centre)...
...until he is alone!
A subsequent French assault on the Austrian guns ended badly.  Those are the Austrian dice - which wiped out the French unit!
Both sides pause for breath with everything still to play for....

More soon.

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