Monday, 2 September 2013

A Battle Lost? Part 8 - Veteranen vorwärts!

By Harry Kelly - "My personal account for the 14th Pz Div is:

"Bypassed Cambrai early on, as ordered by Gen. Reinhardt - hit a French armour speed bump just outside Arras which delayed us for at least 2 hours. Then finally a very large mechanised French infantry division* arrived on our right flank and it put up a fighting resistance for 2 hours prior withdrawing back into Bethune - which we carried with our first attack. We are now washing our dusty feet in La Manche. I am currently recce-ing for the landing barges you promised us for Sea Lion sir! Pickets have been posted and re-supply is underway for all our units. I await your orders."
14 PD on the move.  Photo by Bob Cordery
14PD taking on 5 DIM.
Happily for the Germans, the veterans of 14PD prevailed.

Tim's notes:  I should point out that Harry was one of several 'first-timers' at this game and put in a splendid performance.
* - this was 5 DIM (5th Motorised Infantry Div).


Paul Foster said...

A tidy touring exercise by the Boche.


Tim Gow said...

Paul Foster
Thee was certainly a lot of driving around the French countryside!,