Monday, 8 October 2012

Little Wars (with nicely painted toys)

Further to my earlier post, Steve has sent me some photos of his toys from the LW game last week.  As you can see, he's not a fan of the traditional toy soldier look!
Crown Prince Arnold reveals his plans.
The Gulliver like figure of Bish receives his orders from the prince.
Part of the army forming up.
The Uhlans moving forward to occupy the town.
The infantry begin to move forward.
The town is occupied and the horse artillery deploy for action.
On the right flank the Svenhaselstein Foresters prepare to open fire .
The field artillery moves up. Towed by elephants. These were a gift from the chief of the Mahtumba tribe in Umbongo, Svenhaselstein's colony in East Africa.
First casualties : The infantry engage on the left flank
The medical staff prepare to do their work.
Having successfully taken and held the town, under heavy fire until the Guards regiment arrived to take over, the Uhlans now redeploy to the right flank in support of the Foresters.
In the centre, the Guards prepare to deliver a volley.
On the left the Brigade commander looks on as his men advance.


Ross Mac said...

Very nice toys indeed. Perhaps more Lucotte and Mignot but very pleasing.

Don M said...

Splendid paint jobs there, although for this I'd prefer
the toy soldier look...)

Brian Carrick said...

Excellent staff figures, do you use the fallen wounded as some form of casualty marker or are they just for the look of the thing?

Best wishes, Brian

Tim Gow said...

Ross Mac & Don M
They are very nice - mostly Armies in Plastic figures. There's not enough detail on the 'traditional toy soldier' for Steve...

Tim Gow said...

Brian Carrick
The casualties are just for looks. They look good but I'm not a fan.

Stephen Thomas said...

In this particular game the wounded figures were for aesthetic value only. However I would like to see more use being made of them. This would include stretcher bearers and ambulances along with a medical station. If I recall correctly FLW already has rules for these. I have built a dressing station with doctors and medics and have half a dozen wounded figs for each of my units as well as stretcher teams.

Ross Mac said...

Ah yes, I meant painting style since Lucotte used to be a bit more precise and add more detail. Still, I have to confess that my old Britain's that have been repainted have gained a little shading along the way.