Friday, 28 September 2012

Going for Broke

Another naval interlude now.  HMS Broke was one of four destroyer leaders being buult for Chile before the Great War.  Purchased for service with the Royal Navy (as the Faulknor class) on the outbreak of war, three survived to be re-sold to Chile in 1920.  Both of these are MY models - that above being a much older casting.


Peter Douglas said...


This class led an eventful RN life - Tipperary was lost at Jutland, and Broke came home badly damaged 2 days later having sunk HMS Acorn by ramming! Broke was also involved in a famous scrap while a member of the Dover Patrol with HMS Swift.

There were also 2 ships delivered to the Chileans before the war broke out.


David Crook said...

Hi Tim,

That looks like quite a nice casting - certainly good value for an imagi-navy!

All the best,


The Dancing Cake Tin said...

Those 1/1200 ships are really something special. Nice work!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I sense a South American 1920's destroyer, cruiser and battleship engagement being formulated (I hope)

It is classic Fletcher Pratt territory :)

Tim Gow said...

Peter Douglas
Thanks for the interesting info - I took the photos ages ago and kept meaning to dip into Conway for more background.

Tim Gow said...

David Crook
I acquire the older model years ago. And it looked lonely!

Tim Gow said...

Dancing Cake Tin
Thanks - like a lot of good models a little bit of work makes them look pretty good.

Tim Gow said...

Oh yeah- like I'd ever do that sort of thing....