Sunday, 8 May 2011

Pakistani C-130 Hercules

This C-130 is another F-Toys plastic kit which came out of the box pre-coloured as a US display team aircraft.  A modest amount of paintwork later, however, and with the aid of some markings from Dom's Decals, it now belongs to the Pakistani Air Force.


Don M said...

Started out life as the Blue Angels
support bird? Good job on the painting.

Tim Gow said...

Don M
That's the one Don! There were two in the set I bought, so I judged that one would be enough. Besides, I have a couple of AN-26s lined up for my Indians and wanted to balance things out.

Paul said...

Good idea, the Herc looks super with the blur underside. I doubt if it is very effective in real life.

When can we see some Sub Continent clashes General Gow?

Al said...

Unusual, Pakistan is the largest troop contributor to the UN by the way

Tim Gow said...

The blue was the original colour - I know it's not accurate but I rather liked it!
I've done a few 1965 & 1971 games but I think there's plenty of scope for more up to date clashes!

Tim Gow said...

I had noticed that Pakistani troops seem to appear in a lot of trouble spots but I had no idea their contribution was so large!

Paul said...

Pakistani troops like Fijian troops get paid in US dollars for their contribution to UN peacekeeping missions.

This is the major reason for deployments.