Monday, 2 May 2011

50 (Northumbrian) Division

Following a request from Sun of York ( for photos of a Megablitz British Infantry Division, I dug out 50 Northumbrian Division, as it is the same unit he is building.  My version of 50 Div was assembled some years ago and has been used in a number of games.  It is fairly typical of my older late war British Infantry Divisions - cheap!
The labelled box file.  The label on the right is one of a few I picked up at a museum in Normandy in 2005.
One of the three infantry brigades.  Figures by FAA with a good old Airfix Matador.
The infantry brigade in 'travel' mode.  This is the best of the Matadors in the division - the only one I didn't have to rebuild from near-scrap.
All three infantry brigades.
One of the two (Airfix) field artillery regiments.  I know there should be 3, but I find that representing them as two (with added strength points) is enough.  And cheaper.
The AT regiment - FAA gunners with Airfix 6-pdr and Matchbox Morris C8.
The RE Detachment and MG Battalion.  Airfix Carriers and FAA MMG crew.
The recce regiment - Humber armoured cars and Daimler scout car - all by Matchbox.
Divisional LOG - AEC Monarch lorry and HQ - Roco Dodge and FAA figure.
The division in it's box file.  25 stands by 5 manufacturers.


Sun of York said...

Brilliant! This is just the kind of inspiration I need. Thanks!

I particularly like last photo - the box set.

Tim Gow said...

Sun of York
Glad you found it useful. Having the division fitting in a box file helps to restrict 'mission creep' - adding bits and pieces to the unit. Sadly this means I just build more divisions...

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Nice work

Is it still possible to get FAA (Brits in particular) in the UK

I believe it was sold to a US person

Tim Gow said...

I'm really not sure - all mine were bought in the early to mid 1990s. i can't recall seeing anyone carrying them at a show lately. I was sorry when the range was sold abroad as it remains my favourite metal figure range.