Thursday, 26 May 2011

More Toy Soldier storage solutions - metal drawers

I first acquired a set of these metal drawers 20 years ago - I was clearing out an office and they looked useful!  A couple more followed over the years and they are now quite literally part of the furniture of my toy room.  The drawers are about 5cm deep, 24cm wide and 35cm long, making them suitable for most scales of toys up to 20mm.  Mine are used mostly for 6mm toys, and some have an additional 'floor' built in to make better use of the height.
Some of the (rather scruffy) drawers.
A typical drawer - this one contains 6mm USMC, Saudi and Kuwaiti forces for the 1990/91 Gulf War.
The 'Arab Mech Infantry' drawer.  This has two levels.   The top one was made from stiff card edged with balsa.
The bottom deck of the same drawer - balsa blocks in the corners and centre hold up the top level.


Mojo said...

Pretty cool! It seems, you need the space of these :)


Tim Gow said...

There are a lot of toys to store, but bear in mind that I've been accumulating all this crap for over 30 years!

Fire at Will said...

I always seem to miss out whenever these came up for disposal at work.

Tim Gow said...

Fire at Will
My first one was free, the second was a gift from Bob Cordery and the other three cost me around £5 each. Not bad value!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Utilitarian and very neat :)

Tim Gow said...

And being metal - armoured!