Friday, 29 January 2010

Corinth Canal again

This was the same scenario as described in my earlier post.  This time I played the FJR Rgt 2 while Martin Rapier took command of Isthmus Force.  As willl become apparent the game took a very different course from my solo playtest.  The Germans adpoted the same landing plan as previously but found themselves under constant Bofors fire.  In the north this led to a very embarassing morale failure at which point the FJR were invested by the ANZAC battalion.
Soon this turned into an even more embarassing rout as the surviving FJR huddled round the end of the bridge.
Meanwhile in the south the FJR infantry successfully overran the Bofors position while Col. Rapier frantically tried to unditch his HQ lorry.
In the north, the ANZACs mopped up the paras but were themselves wiped out while trying to close assault the engineers on the bridge. The Allie's armoured might (a weak squadron of MkVI light tanks lays down harassing fire on the (very resilient) FJR engineers.
 The NZ battalion arrives in the south and threatens the FJR weapons company.  The Greeks at last put in an appearance at the railway station.  Soon they and the FJR infantry fight each other to a standstill.

Endgame.  As turn 15 closes and German land forces close in from the north (just off table...), the engineers, by now the only surviving Germans, continue to hold out against the massed attacks of the tanks, carriers and New Zealanders.  The game ends as a draw but it's Iron Crosses all round for the plucky FJR Engineers. 

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