Monday 15 April 2024


I found a bag of these resin-cast troops in foxholes in a batch of stuff I was given a couple of years ago.  A few weeks ago I decided to try painting some.  I'd based them on small bits of card to make them easier to handle and less fragile, so there was room to flock round the edges to blend in with my Hexon terrain.  I'll probably use them to mark dismounted or dug in infantry.



Martin Rapier said...

It looks a very good idea to base them. They will make great dug in markers. I'm gradually acquiring quite a few markers like that and they are handy for all sorts of things.

Nigel Drury said...

Any idea as to the manufacturer? I think Irregular and Pendraken do some metal troops in foxholes in 6mm and 10mm respectively.

Tim Gow said...

Martin Rapier
Yes - they're too fragile to live long without basing!

Tim Gow said...

Nigel Drury
No idea - I trawled the Irregular lists but couldn't find them there (and they don't look like Irregular).