Thursday 30 November 2023

Bastogne Barracks museum

 During the recent trip to the Ardennes, Russell and I visited the Bastogne Barracks AFV collection.  I'd seen this in 2017 (see link here) when it was rather crammed into a single building.  Accommodation and visibility has considerably improved (although the lighting isn't great), with the collection spread between two buildings.  It's well worth a visit!  I'll let the photos tell the story.

Stug III
German 20mm AA
"Forward to the West!"  Russell and 'his' JS-3

Opel 'Funkwagen'.  Not a mobile disco...
Bedford QL
detail of the Sdkfz-7
Berliet recovery truck - still in use around the workshop!
Panzer IV
M-22 Locust
M-4A3E8 Sherman
AMX-VCI and M-75 APCs
The JS-3 again
Belgian 47mm AT gun
M-16 again
M-41 again
Humber Heavy Utility Car
Lloyd Carrier

Daimler Scout Car
Panzer IV

Sdkfz-7 with 37mm AA gun
M-32 ARV
and a Sherman.


Pete. said...

Great photos Tim- they have some interesting bits in there.



Brad DeSantis said...

An awesome collection indeed Tim! Thanks for sharing!

Martin Rapier said...

That is a very nice Pz IV, they often seem to get second billing after all the Tigers and Panthers! I'm amazed how low the ISIII is as well.

Chris Kemp said...

An excellent collection, Tim.

There were still M-75 hulls on the demolition ranges at Voegelsang Training area in the Black Forest in the Eighties. Only one "L" in Loyd Carriers. Yup, I had to correct my own post too! :-)

Regards, Chris.

Nigel Drury said...

Is that an M-4A1E8? Looks like a cast hull front.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Gotta say a Staghound in 1:72 is still on my wish list