Saturday 26 August 2023

Thannuris 528AD again

 I had left the game from Sunday set up and today Simon joined me to run through it.  He too is experienced in the ways of Command & Colours Ancients and was very keen to try this version.  

Simon opted to lead the Persians which left me as Belisarius. And rather apprehensive after the game on Sunday!  This is a far more brief report as we were focused on the game mechanics and decision making. 

Unpleasantness soon broke out on the Byzantine left. The Persian caraphracts took a bashing and their general died!  

There were still plenty of Sassanids galloping about and my chaps were soon under pressure. 

At one point the Sassanids were ahead by five banners to two - six being needed to win.  These being desperate times I took some wild risks and sent my right into action, with Belisarius (on white horse) in the middle of things. This got my up to five banners and which point the affair hung in the balance until some further desperate cavalry charging clinched the narrowest of victories. Phew!

A great game - and thanks again to Simon for the sporting spirit which which he approached it. 


Simon said...

... and the classic "proper" 25mm miniatures looked fantastic! C&C made some clever but simple changes to CCA to make it relevant for the emergence of heavy cavalry. Eg a deeper board and cavalry having four strength points.

Thanks Tim.

Martin Rapier said...

4SP for heavy cavalry sounds suspiciously like Elite Tanks in Memoir 44, and we know how scary they can be.

Simon said...

I am sure that Tim's neighbours could hear the clash of steel as the Super heavy cavalry collided!

Tim Gow said...

Indeed - it's basically the same as CCA but somehow very different!

Tim Gow said...

Martin Rapier
You've not heard the worst - there are cards which can give Cataphracts six dice in combat!

Timothee Lambert said...

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