Saturday 26 February 2022

Waltzing with Matilda?

 This was adapted from a Skirmish Campaigns scenario.  I’d used another from the same book a while ago - see the report here.  Mostly we used A Fistful of Lead.  

This time the Italians were dug in and asleep but expecting a possible British attack from the east. The wicked Brits spoiled it all by appearing from the west. Rotters. The attacking forces consisted of an infantry section (Jerry), a sapper detachment (Tim C) and a Matilda tank (John).  

The Italians had two rifle sections (Martin and Pete), platoon HQ and AT gun (Diego) and a tank platoon (Russell). They all started the game fast asleep in the tents. 

As the first Brits arrived one of the Italian sections woke up and while fire was exchanged Caporale Pete ran around shouting, trying to wake his comrades. Soon the gun crew turned out and ran to their weapon. 

Here, while the gun crew set up - and turn the gun to face west - Tenente Diego appears to be running off!

Some of Russell’s chaps made it to their tiny tanks (the L3s are about 1/56 scale, the crews hard plastic 1/35). 
The Matilda (a 1/48 plastic kit) clanks on from the NW, accompanied by the sappers. 
Cpl Pete and his MG crew engage the sappers from the dubious cover of the as yet uncrewed M13 (1/43 die cast/plastic model) . The MG fire soon did for the commander of the Matilda!  
And overview. The Brit infantry are in the SW corner. 
The tankettes are crewed and eventually the engines fire up!
While Cpl Martin’s section sneaks south behind the wall, the AT gunners engage the Matilda which shoots back….

…and grinds forward.  AT gunnery was of course resolved with a nerf gun and a block of Oasis. My gunnery was as usual pretty terrible. 
By now the British sappers have placed a charge on the M13….
…so the heroic Cpl Pete dashes forward to grab it. Sadly he then perished in a hail of fire. It’ll look damn good in the film though!
Russell’s tankettes we’re now on the move and merrily machine gunning the Brits. 
In other armoured action, the Matilda rather unsportingly ran over a tent, crushingly brave Lt Diego and one of his riflemen. 
The Matilda ground forward and crushed the AT gun. And got stuck in the gun pit. By now the crew was aboard the M13 but having failed to start it they bailed out!
Under fire from Italian MGs and tankettes, Jerry decided to sneak off. 
And finally - a loud bang brought the M13. - and the game - to an end. A points win for the Brits but their infantry have skulked off and the tank is stuck.  A bloody little game, the only players whose figures survived were Martin and Jerry - a 71% casualty rate!

Thanks again to all of the players for indulging such nonsense!


Martin Rapier said...

That was great fun, very entertaining, and lovely toys as usual. Your photos are a lot better than mine!

Russell K said...

An excellent game! Thanks Tim!

Pete. said...

Fantastic game Tim- really enjoyed it.

Quite proud that I went down in a hail of gunfire being heroic.



John Armatys said...

I had a lovely time - it is not every week that you get to run things over with a tank! (It was far more efficient than shooting).

Diego RH said...

Amazing game and an excellent recount of two eventful nights. Thanks Tim.

Funny Little Wars said...

Any game with Tankettes' has to be a winner!

Excellent stuff

Brad DeSantis said...

Great game Tim, it looks like it was a lot of fun to play! I especially love the tankettes! Very well done!

Tim Gow said...

Martin Rapier
As one of the few survivors I think you have an obligation to say it was good!

Tim Gow said...

Russell K
The antics of your tank crews kept us all entertained!

Tim Gow said...

Sorry you didn’t survive - but what a glorious death!

Tim Gow said...

John Armatys
I’m not sure which was worse - my shooting or your driving!

Tim Gow said...

I think you can confidently (and posthumously) pin the blame on your incompetent subordinates!

Tim Gow said...

Funny Little Wars
Tankettes are clearly the future of armoured warfare!

Tim Gow said...

Brad DeSantis
It was certainly a hoot to run!