Sunday, 11 January 2015

The speakers are dead. Long live the speakers!

A sad demise to report.

When I wrote a post nearly three years ago about my modelling environment (see here) there was quite a bit of interest in my ageing hi-fi system.
Having re-read the post I omitted to mention the oldest part of the system - my 1982-vintage Mission speakers.  One of them has been a bit dodgy for years - needing a slap from time to time in order to function (don't we all?)  More recently the other has developed a disturbing crackle.  It did occur to me to try to effect repairs but I felt that after 32 years service it might be time to let them go.
A bit of research on the interwebnet resulted - as expected - in a trip to Richer Sounds in Sheffield. As usual the service and advice was excellent a few minutes and £70 later I emerged wielding a pair of Tannoy Mercury V1 speakers.
These were soon installed - and despite being half the size of the old Missions the sound quality is excellent.
Richer sounds also provided a cable to link my iPad into the system - useful as I use the BBC iPlayer radio facility quite a bit.  Some minor tidying of the shelf meant that there is now room to prop the iPad next to it's elderly forbears.


Springinsfeld said...

Will you be giving the old speakers a burial with full honours?

Stephen Beat said...

Interesting post Tim. I guess a lot of us have some sort of music system in our 'man caves'. I'm still trying to decide what type of system best suits me...

I listen to internet radio mostly - SOMAFM out of San Fransico - so am looking at one of those wireless speaker sets.

Tim Gow said...

I think a suitable ceremony may be in order.

Tim Gow said...

Stephen Beat
I'd expect you to come up with such a high-tech solution! I must try the radio channel you mention.

Stephen Thomas said...

Call me an old fashioned Rock Dinosaur but I shall be sticking with my 4 Marshall stacks and Meggawatt PA system . . . . pardon?

Chris Kemp said...

Woo ... a tape deck! I just stream from YouTube using tiny speakers buried under a pile of unfiled paper. Seems to work.

Ken H said...

My 1989 -ish B&W DM600's ( I think - something like that ) remain as good as the day I bought them - or my hearing has become diminished. Blog hijack - I've just obtained from Waterstones Neil Thomas' book "One Hour Wargames" - the 3 X 3 table seems fun, but some of the rules mechanisms are very simple - and I feel as excited as I did with my first Don Featherstone book! Question for the whole class - am I finally losing the plot ? Or are they as fun as I'm hoping? I'll ask Nurse to read any responses out to me. Ken

Stephen Thomas said...

Dear Ken.
I shall look up the title the next time I'm in the shop.