Friday, 8 March 2013

A load of old bull

This game was played last week using the rules and cards from Battle Cry, my Hexon terrain and 15mm toys from Johns extensive collection.  Having already played the First Bull Run scenario several times I knew it would be quite quick (or mercifully brief?), so I suggested that having selected sides Martin and John play it through and then change sides and do it again!
Above can be seen some colourful US Zouaves occupying a farm.
The battle lines at the start of the game - Yanks on the left and Rebs on the right.
The Rebs soon surged forward to occupy the high ground
As the armies closed a degree of unpleasantness ensued...
Note the now shot to hell Zouaves (at 25% strength) on the left.
On the Reb left/US right a desperate cavalry battle took place.  Several units marched up and down the small hill...
...but eventually the Bluebellies secured it with a weak infantry unit.
Both armies were soon looking rather ragged.
The final Yank attack perished in a hail of shot - clinching a (tight) victory for the Rebs.
Coming soon - the rematch!

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