Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Agrigentum, 261BC* - part 1

*Depending on which accounts you read it may have been 261 or 262BC. 
This game - played using Command & Colours - saw a Carthaginian force under Hanno (Martin R) appearing in Sicily to help repel the Roman invasion.  Most of the Roman army under Megellus (John A) had left off besieging a smaller force under Hannibal (no, not that one) to engage and defeat Hanno's army.  The initial setup can be seen from behind the Cathaginian lines above.  All toys from my collection of 'classic' 25mm except for some barbarians brought along by Martin.
The setup from the Carthaginian right.

The action opened with a foray by the Roman skirmishers who ran towards the enemy line and hurled their pointy sticks
Hanno was less than impressed by this move and sent forward his centre - Carthaginian and mercenary infantry

The skirmishers were sent packing but the action left Hano's line rather fragmented
Coming next - cavalry action on the flank.

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