Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Kursk (North) - part 1

This game was played in late 2005 and remains the largest Megablitz game yet staged.  A total of 23 players were involved, along with around 1,500 bases of toys.  The splendid photos below were all taken by Tom Mouat - to whom I again send my thanks for his permission to use them here.
The photos will be spread over three posts, and if there is demand I will post the orbats and maps - along with Marshall Rokossovsky's memoirs...  The game lasted for about 6 hours of real time and three days of 'game' time.
For those of you unfamiliar with Megablitz, each player generally commanded a German division or Soviet Corps, with a number of higher level commands also represented.  The two overall commanders represented Army and Front level respectively.
Most stands represent battalion sized units, although the Soviets are rather different - infantry stands are regiments and tanks rgts or brigades. 
Unless otherwise stated, the toys are from my own collection.
German Corps level assets encounter the first Soviet defence line.  The assault by the Panzerjager/Heavy tank and StuG units is being shot in by a pair of Flak regiments functioning as heavy artillery.
A Kampfgruppe of the Panzer Lehr Division - Panzergrenadier Regiment reinforced by a Recce company and an assault gun battalion.
Tom's camera and skills run to a rather better close-up than I can manage!
Soviet heavy tank regt advancing.
The Luftwaffe ruled the skies early on.
Infantry and artillery of 81 ID.  The 'A' (Attack) order chits suggest there are some tenacious Russians just off camera.
72ID (in the distance) has just overrun an enemy position, while 16PD moves up in support.
Soviet technicians poised to recover broken-down tanks.
A Soviet fortified area - containing an artillery division and two rifle regiments.  This position was behind the first line defences and by the end of day 1 was being scouted by recce troops (bottom right) from 10PD.
Fresh from some pressing engagements in Tunisia - 10 Panzer Division.  As you'll have gathered, I simply used what units I had ready.
The staff and supply column of 81 ID await the outcome of the current assault.
72 ID deployed to assault a Soviet position.


Don M said...

Yes, there is demand!!!

Very nice Tim can't wait to see more.

mad padre said...

Brilliant! Everything in those photos is painted to a high standard considering the size of your collection and the scale (10mm I'm thinking?) of the figs?
I'd love to play in a big game like this one day.
Thanks for sharing this.

Tim Gow said...

Don M
I thought there might be. And from whom! More soon.

Tim Gow said...

Mad padre
Thanks for your kind words - but 10mm? Have yourself taken out and shot! The toys are the one true scale of 20mm. With 1/144 aircraft. 10mm indeed - the very idea!

Don M said...

What can I say,I'm living vicariously through your postings...)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Wow great post Tim

Paul said...

This is wonderful! Lots of Megablitz eye candy.

You have got to love a M3 German Halftrack.

More more more!!!

Al said...

Awesome kit there Tim

Tim Gow said...

Thanks - more to come.

Tim Gow said...

Thought you'd like it!

Tim Gow said...

More outrageous toys in the next post!

Chris Kemp said...

Good to see the toys out on the floor again Tim. Looking forward to the next installment.

Kind regards, Chris

Tim Gow said...

Chris Kemp
Floor? More like several 12ft wide tables!