Wednesday 13 July 2011

COW 2011 - Part 3 - Saturday afternoon/evening

In the afternoon I dropped in on Jim Wallman's Operation Goodwood game, as well as having a look at Mike Elliott's Most Perfect Volley (The siege of Quebec), and Phil Barker's Sharp End (set in the well known and troubled country of Buggerupistan).  In the evening I played Jim's Zeppelinspiel where we had to design, build and 'fly' our war-winning Zeps to targets in England.  The rest of the evening was spent running my new Rollbahn Ost game no fewer than eight times!
The German player team map for Goodwood.  This was a scaled down version of a 50-player Megagame. 
Elements of 21PD and 16LFD await the British onslaught.
The Germans take cover during the initial RAF bombing.
Mike Elliott (2nd from left) runs his game about the assault on Quebec.
A quiet (but not for long) village in Buggerupistan.
My Zeppelin during testing, powered by a Lego clockwork motor. Z.3 was a functional if basic design and was the first to fly! 
The grand finale - a mass raid on England!  Lloyd George began negotiations soon afterwards.
Generals Doel, Huband and Hartley try their luck in Rollbahn Ost.
I didn't get round to building a smarter board!
Generals Young, Thomas and Kleanthous head east.
Generals Cordery, Whyler and Steele roll back the tide of Bolshevism while OKW representative Curry heckles from the sidelines.
Generals Brooks, Ager and Evans search for lebensraum.


Paul said...

Is General Brooks a tad asleep, in the last shot?

Bad form what!

Tim Gow said...

I expect he was just resting his eyes on the way to Kharkov. It is a long way...

Conrad Kinch said...

Zeppelins - the mind boggles.

Tim Gow said...

Conrad Kinch
As well it might. Still, it wasn't a bad way of simulating a Zeppelin bombing campaign.

Conrad Kinch said...

Could you give us some idea of how it worked?

Tim Gow said...

Conrad Kinch
Each team (there were 4) had to design and build at least one Zep. The missions involved winding up the motor and stating how many seconds until the bombs were to be released. The Zep was then sent on it's way. Some flew straight and true, others somewhat less so. Mine didn't bomb any of the main targets but frightened the inhabitants of Hertfordshire and Norwich. One of the others bomber Germany! A full write up by the designer, together with player reports will no doubt appear in the pages of nugget before long.