Saturday, 31 July 2010

Operazione C3 / Herkules - The invasion of Malta 1942

The recently deceased Paddy Griffith, who had previously run a number of games (Operation Seelowe - the invasion of Britain 1940, the invasion of Crete 1941 and the 1940 Norwegian campaign) at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, was due to run another such event on 16 October 2010.

I am happy to be able to report that the game will go ahead, and with the help of Paddy's notes (kindly sent on to me by his son, Robert) a group including myself, Jerry Elsmore, John Drewienkiewicz, Adam Poole and Richard Clarke will design and run the event.

The game will deal with the planning and execution of the Axis invasion of Malta in 1942.  Players will represent military, naval and political leaders.  Brirish, Maltese, Italian and German interests will be represented.  A team of umpires will set the scene and keep the game on track.

For booking details please see the Duxford website.
You must book with Duxford in the first instance and then contact me for briefing details etc.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Very exciting scenario

I hope the event goes well

Tim Gow said...

Thanks. Planning the game is progressing well. I'll be posting a 'cast list' soon and will report the game after the event.