Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A to Z of wargaming. D is for...(part 2)

...Dundee Wargames Club.  Now I fully appreciate that this will be a pretty dull post - even by the low standards I have established - but it's important to me.  And a few others.
I refer here to the 'original' DWC which used to meet in the '70s and '80s at Douglas Community Centre as pictured above.  Leading light of the club was the late John G Robertson and it was here that at the tender age of 14ish I first witnessed grown men playing with toy soldiers.

So here's to you all - JR, Colin F, John, Lee, Ian, Tony, Billy, Dennis, George, Richard, Scott, BT, Paul J, Andy, Ricardo, Wayne and many others.  Thanks for tolerating the teenage me and not putting me off this insane hobby.


Stephen Beat said...

Not dull at all! ;)

Russell Phillips said...

I agree with Stephen, it's not a dull post.

It has, however, made me think of how many people I met at the Maltby club over the years, and how I'd struggle to name them all :(

The Dancing Cake Tin said...

I had a, once and never again, vindaloo in Dundee. It was so hot it made me cry with pain.

Great days.

Tim Gow said...

Stephen Beat
I was fairly confident of your approval!

Tim Gow said...

Russell Phillips
I'm sure my list is mire notable for it's omissions than accuracy!
Maltby eh? That's only a few miles from me.

Tim Gow said...

Dancing Cake Tin
Shandy southerner!

Russell Phillips said...

Tim, back in the day I used to commute from Maltby to Sheffield (by bus), so yeah, not too far. I'm in Stoke on Trent these days, though, so a but further away. On the plus side, a local museum has a Spitfire :)

Stephen Thomas said...

I used to go out with a girl from Dundee. We met when she was a student nurse in Sheffield. I seem to recall she had a very agreeable bedside manner. :-)