Monday 7 July 2014

Assault on Scheissenburg - part 2

The previous report ended just as the Forbodian hordes swarmed into town.  Even the CO made it to (nearly) the front.
Bitter hand to hand fighting ensued with the French clinging to one flank....
...while the Red horde swept round the other.
But it wasn't all plain sailing for the Forbodians - as is evident from the location of this matchstick - fired from a 120mm mortar battery.  As you can see it's 6 inch burst circle thinned the Commie ranks somewhat!  What you won't read in the Forbodian Official History is that it was actually fired from their own mortar....
The confused melee in progress.  At least I was confused.
A T-55 lumbers into town.
An Entac finds it's target and not even the mighty cardboard armour of the BMP can save it!
By now the French have withdrawn the most battered infantry company and the battalion support...
...and the Forbodians, lacking the infantry strength to make further progress decide to bombard the defence with tank guns and mortars until a final assault can be made.  We wound things up at this point.

The total playing time for this game was under 2 hours and the few tweaks I made to the rules after the game a couple of weeks ago seem to have improved the flow of the thing significantly.


Pete. said...

Lies all lies, the French were using an advanced mortar system supplied by their Yankee allies.

Was good fun though and a nice playtest. The mechanisms reminded me of playing Crossbows and Catapults as a kid.



Tim Gow said...

It was certainly the most memorable shot of the game!