Sunday, 6 November 2011

Yet more adventures of 6 Panzer in Russia, 1941 - part 2

We rejoin the action as the Germans in the town are coming under severe pressure.
The east town hex (right) is full of scrapping Germans and Russians.  Meanwhile the Panzer btl (left) is driving back another Russian btl. 
The Russians who crossed the river earlier have now come under fire, not only from the engineers but also some of the divisional artillery and AA.
Some of the German artillery (right ) redeploys to fire on the aforementioned Russian river crossers.
The Panzers have largely cleared the western approaches to town.
The situation east of the town is still serious, but the southern Russian btl has been shot up by the engineers and IG bty in the woods.
Can the brave defenders hang on?
Panzers stream over the bridge while the southern Russians are kept under fire.
The Russians in the north are also brought under fire in order to break up their imminent attack.
Made it!  The Panzers have driven off the Russians in the east and have swung north to get stuck into another btl.
The Russians don't like it up 'em!
The river crossing Russians finally take significant casualties and their morale breaks.
The Panzers drive back more Russians in the north - the Russian attack has been broken.
The Russians in the wood (top) quake at the approach of the mighty Panzers.


Al said...

That's a massive game Tim, nice pictures and commentary

Tim Gow said...

And yet somehow it fitted on a 4x4foot table and was played to a conclusion within 2 hours!

Paul said...

Two hours! Cripes we would not have finished our second move by then!

Interesting turn of events for the Reds.

Tim Gow said...

A turn represents about 15 minutes, so the game tends to run rather faster than real time. The Russians were mostly Workers Militia units so tended to be quite brittle once subject to lots of firepower.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Good report and very nice game

Fritz certainly has that early war "upper hand"

Lovely 1/300 models

Tim Gow said...

Indeed - just as the Russians have that "bloody hell there's thousands of them" feel....