Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Volturno affair, October 1943 (and October 2011) - part 2

More photos now from Volturno, mostly showing the Germans moving into position.  One of the nicer things about the WW2 airsoft games I have attended is the amount of time spent on non-combat cocking about - approach marches, sorting out defensive lines, constructing positions, patrolling etc. 
Photo credits as per the previous post.
The Landsers recover after the initial trip aboard Claude.  I now understand why, in photos of real soldiers aboard lorries they are smiling.  Travel aboard Claude was an interesting experience - very cramped due to there being more then 20 tooled up guys in the back, but a surprisingly smooth ride.  Proper French suspension I suppose - like the old Peugeots and Citroen I've run.
More milling about sorting out kit.
A 'period' shot.
German briefing.
Part of the Heer section moves up into position.


Martin Rapier said...

My enormous rucksack can be vaguely seen in the last photo of this sequence (the trudging landser on the right).

It was surprisingly comfortable and contained all manner of goodies (mainly food and drink, plus a few stick grenades). As it was BB proof it also made an excellent improvised fortification:)

Tim Gow said...

Martin Rapier
It was an impressive rucksack - I hadn't realised you'd spent much of the day hiding behind it!