Tuesday 23 August 2011

JR's toy sort-out. Part 3

For your edification I now offer photos of more boxes which have been initially categorised.  We are still in the pointy-stick era.  The next step will be to go through these in detail, clean up the figures and arrange them into 'like' sets.  Just as well there's no hurry!  My aim is to try and get a few of the nicer painted figures re-based during the next few weeks.  Unless the dust inhalation or lead poisoning claim me first....
Mostly Medieval types in here - including a few rather nicely painted knights.
A box of dust also contained these camels - including some of the celebrated (and possibly fictional - but who cares about that?) Parthian Camel Cataphracts!  I recall these featured in the original WRG Army Lists (for their 5th Edition rules).
Quite a fleet of 1/1200 ancient galleys.  I already have a few of these so I really ought to try and get a game out of them.


Paul said...

I hope you don't get lead poisoning Tim!

Tim Gow said...

Thanks. I've lasted this long, so have probably built up a degree of immunity..

Al said...

That's an amazing collection of stuff, I bet some of it is quite rare nowadays eh?

Tim Gow said...

I expect so. I've been out of these periods and scale for years so have rather lost touch, but I guess i'm back in now!