Thursday, 24 June 2010

Conference of Wargamers 2010 Timetable. Yet again.

I have uploaded a new version (v2.1)  of the timetable to the WDDG site.

There are three additional sessions:

Phil Steele
'Greyhounds in the Slips' ... a 2 player Anno Domino combat game based upon Henry V's assault on the breach at Harfleur as analysed by William Shakespeare. Simple figure game using 90mm plastic figures, dominoes and optional (out of copyright) speeches.

Phil Steele
'Zama - ancient battle in depth' ... a different approach to refighting this battle using double-sized DBA armies.
A product of the Society of Ancients 2010 Battle Day project, this is a conventional figure game in 10mm using well known mechanisms but with an unconventional spin.

Chris Hanley
'WW1 Dogfight over Flanders'
This is flexible, each mission takes about 45 minutes but the campaign can last all day/night or as long as players wish to continue. Due to the multiplayer set-up and easy to play rules players can drop in or out for a mission as they feel. I should point out that this is not Wings of War with knobs on...

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