Thursday, 6 May 2010

August 1914 - The battle of Stalluponen (yet again)

This was yet another refight of Stalluponen (other battles are available) played at the Sheffield club with Nick Mitchell as the pointy-helmeted Germans and Martin Rapier as the flat-capped Russians.  A bit of role reversal there.  The very cautious Germans began the game mostly deployed (due to my having drafted a lax briefing).  Here they are in and around Stalloponen.

As news broke of the Russian advance the Germans moved out (slowly) to meet them.  Although these chaps look like the toys in the earlier reports, both sides were new figures bought (with many others...) from Irregular at Triples and subjected to my usual hasty paintwork.

The battle lasted until nightfall and consisted of various attempts of each side to outflank the other until they ran out of room and had to fight.  In the afternoon the Russians stunned the watching world by an early use of aircraft.  Their Morane N (seen here overflying the Russian Corps HQ) actually managed to conduct a strafing attack on a German brigade! The players were encouraged to request aeroplanes as I'd painted a couple...   (Morane model by Heroics and Ros).

The end.  The Russians had the worst of the slogging match, with German weight of artillery being a decisive factor.  The Russians sloped off as night fell, no doubt traumatised by the German use of a flying artillery spotter!  (Taube aircraft by H&R)

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