Friday, 12 March 2010

Terrible Swift Rules

Firstly - my apologies for not having posted anything for a while.  In additon to all the usual pressures on time, my father has been in intensive care for over 3 weeks now.  Bad enough, but it's a 6-hour drive for me...

Anyway, on to happier things.  On Wednesday night Martin Rapier and I (assisted and heckled by John Armatys) played our lightly modified version of Richard Brooks' American Civil War game.  This game, whose name provides the title of this post is a 'lite' version of Richard's 'Minischlacht' rules for battles of the mid to late 19th Century.  Additionally, 'Terrible Swift Rules' formed the basis for the 'Rifle & Kepi' rules as used for the refight of Magenta I reported late last year.

TSS is played on a squared grid and we used my Irregular Miniatures 2mm toys.  Predictably I forgot to take any photos but I'll set some up and post pics later.  Probably.

All the units (divisions) in TSS are initially represented by markers until they come into contact (adjacent squares) ar are recce'd by real units.  These are a mix of 'blinds' and real divisions (with varying numbers of brigades, some with artillery).  Needless to say the Bluebellies have more real units and more (and better!) artillery.  Not that I'm bitter or anything,

In our game Martin turned out to have 5 real divisions against my 3.  And his units were bigger. 

The Rebs fought bravely, the single division on my right flank being overwhelmed by two larges US divisions.

As night fell my strongest division, bestet by foes on all sides, finally broke (or to use the period language of the rules was 'whupped') and slunk off. 

Meanwhile my third division broke through the centre of the US lines (ah, so that's where all the US blinds were...) and now sits astride the Feds' lines of comminications.  This is my Blog, so I say it was a clear victory for the CSA.

On to Washington!


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

Sorry to hear about your father. I hope that things get better soon.

All the best,


Tim Gow said...

Thanks Bob. It looks at the moments as if he's in for a long recovery period but at least he was taken off the ventilator yesterday.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

(As per Bob's post) Sorry to hear about your father, likewise I hope things get better for him soon too.

Your devotion speaks volumes

Tim Gow said...

Thanks Geordie. I'm going every other weekend at the moment. I've booked a train for next time which will give me a few hours to try and figure out how my new Blackberry works...