Monday, 19 June 2017

Aces (three feet) High

This was a playtest of some mechanisms which will see the light of day in a future set of rules.  I set up a WW1-era gun battery (above) as a target.  The old Britains 18in howitzer skulks in a position made from the sandbag positions I mentioned a few weeks ago here.
The field of battle.
The defenders also had an AA battery, and OP scanning the skies...
...and of course a barrage balloon.  First one to say it looks uncannily like a plastic bottle covered in duct tape wins a trip to the Gulag...

The attackers appeared  - a two-seater bomber being escorted by a fighter.  The defenders scrambled two fighters, one of which soon came under fire!

The bomber made a decent attempt on the target...
...but was soon dodging bullets.

I'll have more news on the mechanisms used when I have written the rest of the game.  Suffice to say it didn't involve dice.


Pete. said...

Looks good Tim- a mix of dog fighting and ground attack?



Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Looks a good fun game
I liked a game called Canvas Eagles based on GDW Blue Max rules