Thursday, 26 March 2015

Tamiya US command group - part 2

Here is the completed command group - based for convenience as a single stand.
I applied a light black wash to tone down the green a bit.
All have been given the by now customary mad staring eyes.  But hang on, wasn't there a fourth man in the set?
Ah yes, there he is in the background.  LCW command groups have 3 figures so I based him separately.
The map and manuals on the table are images found on the interweb, suitably scaled down!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Tamiya US command group - part 1

I've had this set in 'stock' for some years now, and the gathering pace of the Little Cold Wars arms race mean that it's time has come.
While the moulds, like many of these Tamiya sets, are not in their first bloom of youth the parts went together easily with very little cleaning up required.
Base coat applied and drying, while some Warpact tankers adopt unorthodox positions in the background.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Passing the Taiping test

On Friday I visited fellow blogger and WD member Trebian (see his excellent blog here) to discuss some grown-up business stuff.  When that was safely concluded the splendid Mrs T quite rightly shooed us out of the house to the famed 'Shedquarters'.
Arrayed on the table was a scenario using Trebian's 'Taiping Era' Chinese Revolution (c1860) rules.  This featured impressive quantities of 15mm toys and some real Chinese buildings - bought there while on holiday I gather.
The setup.  Photo by Trebian
I took the part of the revolutionaries while Treb. led the decadent Imperial Chinese.  A full report appears on his blog (see here).  I am surprised to report a victory for my progressive forces, the more so as my battle plan consisted largely of waiting for the Imperialists to come to me and get shot at.
My grand battery in action.  Photo by Trebian

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Eclipse? What bloody eclipse?

Despite all the excitement around this - and reports on the radio of people travelling the length of the country to see it, this rather passed me by.  At the time I was on the A1 southbound near Newark and aside from an already cloudy sky getting slightly darker there was no drama.
Image result for eclipse
Not what I saw at all