Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Kicking up a Rakete - part 2

Here is the completed Rakete.  Remember that most of the paint was there before I started.   I managed to nearly match the shade.
The crosses and numbers were sourced from the decal box.
They obey what Ian Drury calls 'Gow's Third Law'.
That is - the less plausible the conversion the bigger the black crosses need to be.

Quite a successful bodge I think!
Those SS-11 should give the Forbodian Peoples' Army something to think about.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Kicking up a Rakete - part 1

Regular readers will be aware that I have of late been scouring the planet for vehicles in 1/48ish scale for my Little Cold Wars project.  In the course of this search I noticed a small range of Tamiya models in just this scale.  The range included a Jagdpanzer Kanone - just the thing for my West Germans.  I expected a fairly basic kit but when the thing arrived (a little over £10 including shipping from the Far East) it emerged from the box in the condition you see below.
This is an image from the Tamiya website but I can assure you that my Kanone looks identical.  Being a motorised model the tracks are a little chunky but that aside it's a lovely thing.  In term of scale it works out nearer to 1/40 but I can live with that.
It soon occurred to me (as it had to the 1960s Bundeswehr) that a 90mm gun is all very well but what if these new-fangled guided missiles catch on?  Their solution was the Jagdpanzer Rakete with the 'kanone' replaced by er, 'raketes...'  SS-11 to be precise.

I decided to copy those clever Germans and another model was soon on order.
When it arrived I set to work removing the gun and it's mantlet.  I had expected this to involve a great deal of razor saw action but the gun assembly turned out to be a separate part which was easily(ish) prised off.
Missiles were aircraft weapons sourced from the spares box.  The periscopes and bow MG (not fitted to all such vehicles) were adapted from 1/76 scale truck axles.  So far so good.  I'd better paint the thing.

Sorry about the title.  OK so the spelling is different but it was too good to ignore.  Musical link here.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Sheffield Wargames Society Annual General Meeting 2014

The AGM was held on 12 November.  The minutes will be circulated to members as soon as they are ready but here are the main points:

1. Membership fees remain unchanged at £15.00 for the year with no additional weekly fees.  This, works out at only £0.30 per week and represents stunning value!

2. Members were reminded of the Society's new web presence at

3. The Committee for the coming year is as follows:
                                                Chairman - Tim Gow
                                                Treasurer - Dave Ranson
                                                Secretary - Paul Bishop
                                                Show Secretary - Lloyd Powell
                                                General Officer - Steve Thomas

4. The accounts Examiners are Si Harrison and Graham Northing

5. The Christmas open meeting will be on 28th December from 1.00pm
Not the AGM in progress

Sambre 57BC - part 2

We return  (after quite a break!) to the doings of a certain Mr J Ceasar.  By now the Romams had revoverd from their initial shock and formed a proper line.  Nice isn't it?
The Belgic types continued to hurl themselves at the invaders.
This caused a few worrying moments...
...no problems for the Romans here, right?
On the other hand..  Those Belgic cavalry are tougher than they look.
This is getting very messy.
Roman reserve cavalry wondering if they're not altogether better off staying where they are.
Soon the Romans deployed to deal with the breakthrough...
...and order was restored.  These Romans do love a straight line, don't they?
The end came when Ceasar (for it was he) led X Legion in person and saw off another attack.  The dice reveal 5 hits on an enemy unit (which could only take 4 hits...)