Saturday, 25 October 2014

'Orrible 'Oplite - part 2

Here is the completed Mi-2, resplendent in two-tone green camo.
The simplifications I introduced to the build aren't too obvious.
Polish markings were sourced from the decal box.  I had wanted to use East German markings but didn't have any in stock.  If anyone has any East German decals to spare I can offer them a home and gainful employment.  The same goes for most Warpact markings.

Friday, 24 October 2014

'Orrible 'Oplite - part 1

Ever heard of 'Intech' kits?  Me neither.  But it was rather cheap and I'd been on the lookout for a Mi-2 for some time.
So how was it as a kit?  Not too bad - and certainly better than the ghastly Auster.  Getting the rotor blades at the correct angle is always tricky - I think they're close enough.
The main components went together reasonably well.  I had the presence of mind to add an internal weight to the nose before sealing it all up!  The glazing was installed as I went along - I'll be painting over it later.
The many struts for the main wheels didn't look up to the job so i decided to replace the many thin plastic parts with a single length of stiff wire.  And no, I haven't glued the rotor blades to the bottom of the fuselage - though it may appear so from the photo!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Out of Control?

There were no posts in the past week as I've been away on a much needed holiday and didn't have time to set any up before I left.  The previous weekend, however, I managed to finish not only the previously mentioned Auster but also this Airfix Control Tower.  This is my second 'go' at this kit, the first having been when it was all new and exciting in c1977.  The original was moulded in yellow plastic (what the hell were they thinking?) but this more recent version - I've had it in stock for around 6 years - is rendered in an altogether more sober grey.  
As this will likely be used with larger scale toys I left out the crew figures.  As I recall the original standing chap with the binoculars went on to have a glittering career as a staff officer.  For the moment at least, his younger self is headed for the spares box!
The first one got stood on during a game - let's see how long this one lasts....

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

I have been to - the Birmingham Toy Soldier Show 2014

See also my post on last year's show - link.
This year I had agreed to accompany Len Cooksey of Ivanhoe Figures to help run his trade stand.  And so it was that at 0600 hours on Sunday we convened on my drive, loaded up the car and set off.  The journey went smoothly enough, despite thick fog patches and we soon found the new venue for the show - the Edgbaston Cricket Ground.
The hall was large and spacious but bloody freezing, so it was a relief to have to run around setting up the stand.  I particularly wanted to speak to Len about his own small range of resin cast Afghan war (the Soviet one) figures as I remembered that the set included a Russian Motor Rifle Trooper.  Len had kindly put a couple aside for me (see above) so I'll get these painted up and more than likely ask him to cast up some more.
Len's stand also yielded this interesting figure.  Danish in origin, I can see him making a good naval officer.
I also ran into John and Michael Curry who had their usual stand of unusual things.  I succumbed to the temptation of this fine book which turns out to be a rather nice read.
From the same stand came this US Military Policemen - a very useful looking figure.
As usual, Len 'paid' me in figures.  This is most of his remaining stock of Conte ACW figures.  I was particularly pleased to get my hands on these chaps as my earlier batch painted up rather well - see link.

There is (of course) more to come from this show - stay tuned!