Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Airfix at Aldi!

RAF fighters spotted in German shop!
 I had reason to pop into a nearby Aldi store this morning and was surprised to see a small range of Airfix kits.  These are all packaged as starter sets and six different kits are available:  Hurricane Mk.1, Curtiss Tomahawk, Gnat, Spitfire, Mustang and Cromwell tank.  All are priced at £4.99 each.  I think I was quite restrained in only buying the two kits pictured.....but I might go back!

Monday, 15 December 2014

More Military Aid - part 1

A mystery package arrived recently at my secret bunker. Just how do people get the address?  The New Zealand markings led me to the correct conclusion that the sender was none other than Paul of Plastic Warriors fame.
And so now for the contents.  This trio of 1/72 aircraft models will see service as part of my Little Cold Wars project.  First up is a MiG-21.  This had clearly led an eventful life and had lost the cockpit canopy along the way.  Happily Paul had thoughtfully included a canopy which after a bit of cutting about and sanding more or less fits.  I'll have a think about painting and markings over the coming weeks.  I already have one in 'bare metal' finish (see here) so perhaps a camo scheme for this one?
A Jaguar.  Paul painted this one for me in a rather striking 'winter' pattern (see his post here) so it will make a nice contrast with my existing Jaguar.
Finally a Tornado.  This had been rather knocked about in transit and like the other models is pictured here after I had glued various bits back in place.  I've not thought much about paintwork as yet.

There is still more stuff to emerge from this aid package but I've been rather distracted of late by work commitments and the acquisition of quite a lot of 25mm pointy stick era figures.....

Friday, 12 December 2014

BTR-70 with SA-9 - part 2

The dodgy BTR build is complete.  Paintwork has been confined to overall green (Humbrol Grass Green spray if it's of any interest) to tie in with the 'toy soldier' look I am pursuing.  The result is actually quite pleasing and it will be a useful addition to my Warpact forces.

Here it is with my shocking Shilka keeping Forbodian airspace clear of imperialist overflights.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Rhesaina - 243 AD

This was a Command & Colours game played at Sheffield a couple of weeks ago.  The recently crowned Sassanid Persian King Shapur I took on the Roman Praetorian Prefect Timesethius..  For the full scenario notes see here.  
This was really the first time that most of my Sassanid Army (see this earlier confession) had taken the field.  Mostly made up of the Triples purchase this also included a few bits from JR's collection.  Real veterans then!  Above can be seen the Sassanid reserve - Shapur is visible just behind the elephant.
The Persian front line - heavy cavalry and even heavier cavalry.
Roman light troops.
The Persian front line was quite impressive.
The Romans get stuck in first - here cavalry on the right engages the Persian light cavalry.  His standard soon gave the Persian general the name 'Bank-of-Scotland'......
Persian heavy cavalry engage in what soon became a swirling mess.
On the Roman left their cavalry was driven off by hordes of Persians.
Meanwhile General Bank-of-Scotland had prevailed over his Roman opposite number.  For the moment.
On the roman right things looked a bit sticky...
...while on the left they seemed to have the upper hand....
...leading to more Persians being thrown in.
With the results so far against them the Persians had a go at the Roman right.
But it soon went horribly wrong!
The end.  General Bank-of-Scotland perishes at the hands of some Roman auxiliaries.