Thursday, 16 August 2018

Flimsy Fresco - part 1

I’ve built KP kits before so I’ll not dwell on their issues.  Let’s just say this one was no worse. And it was pretty cheap. Built in something of a rush in preparation for the recent 1973 Gnuston Heights game, I’d hesitate to call it my finest work but it fulfilled a need.
I used the kit decals. They were horrible.

MiG-15 build Link
MiG-19 build Link

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Luftwaffe Phantom

This Phantom recently made its debut outing in my hands in the skies over Kakstadt Ost. But here it is a couple of years ago following its rescue from the Partizan plane purchase pile. In the photos I’ve just varnished over the decals and removed loose and broken bits of undercart. Is there a colour scheme in which a Phantom doesn’t look great?

Monday, 13 August 2018

Operation Gallic Grope - part 3

By now the lead French tanks were coming under a hail of fire from Saggers, T-55s, T-62s and 100mm AT guns concealed in the wood on their right. The original DDR plan had been for a flank attack but the remaining force was too weak for that.  Here a Mirage streaks in low to administer another bombing attack.

Meanwhile, back at the tractor factory, the Stasi (right) had gone blundering in to look things over.  They found - the hard way - an SAS detachment (left) also clad as DDR Police.  I the confused melee which followed the Brits got the upper hand.
And still the air strikes came in.  Here a DDR MiG-15 is escorted by a MiG-21.
Coming the other way is a French Jaguar and F-100D....

Suddenly the MiGs begin to jink about frantically... the French top cover - a Mirage III pounces on the hapless MiG-15...
...and downs it!  Home for Absinthe and medals.
Then the Luftwaffe returned and bombed the treeline again.
Predictably, the carload of innocent civilians turned out to be DDR special forces so French infantry were dismounted to deal with them.
As is often the case the end of game photos were neglected in all the excitement. 
In short the French had eliminated the DDR MRR renmants and various Stasi stay-behinds.  French armour had crossed the railway line and was about 1km short of the canal.  The early destruction of the SAM battery had helped greatly.
Meanwhile, across the canal we can see parachutes....

That's all from Kakstadt Ost for the moment but we shall return...

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Operation Gallic Grope - part 2

Just a reminder that the Little Cold Wars book is available to order on the History of Wargaming Project website and from Amazon.
 As we return to the skies above Kakstadt Ost NATO air is again in action - this time in the shape of Luftwaffe F-4s and Tornados.
The Tornado suffered a near miss from a 'telegraph pole' SAM and the crew flew swiftly home for a change of underwear.  Meanwhile the Phantom made it's bombing run...
 ...and scored direct hits on the SAM site.  Hurrah!
 A stray bomb hit the collective farm.  I don't think that bit will appear in the official history...
  The Motor Rifle troopers in the woods started to loose off Saggers...
 ...but the French rolled relentlessly on.
The skies were still busy, with NATO mostly having air superiority.  Here a pair of F-104 takes on an L-39 with Mig-21 escort.
 By now I was heartily sick of the overly effective L-39 - by now known to all as 'Czecko Charlie'...
 ...but his luck had run out and he perished in a hail of Sidewinders and cannon fire.
 As a bonus, the Luftwaffe Lawn Dart even survived the victory roll without crashing!