Thursday, 17 April 2014

President Fred's Funeral - part 4 - grave news

By now the hearse was entering the churchyard - the latter lined by numerous armed representatives of the various factions.  What could go wrong?  At around this time, Captain D'eath had been making a nuisance of himself by successfully arguing that several parties from LADA deserted.  Tempers within LADA were not improved when their drive to identify Freddist loyalists in the crowd came to nought.  Indeed several mourners later reported being accosted by suspicious gentlemen with heavy Spanish accents asking about their political leanings....
The streets of downtown Ph'tang City were rather crowded!
A late moment of tension occurred when this LADA BTR-152 crashed through the wall of the churchyard.  But still there was no gunfire....
This turn's arguments were as follows:
While Captain D'eath was being interviewed on live TV by Roger Mellie, LADA argued that the interview went badly resulting in a further argument from D'eath where he shot Mellie in the head on live TV!  Oh, the drama!  Meanwhile, Comrade W escorted Mrs F into church - could this be a new power partnership?
The final analysis (it's too scientific to explain) revealed Mrs F to be the overall winner, having achieved all of her objectives.  So no doubt we've not seen the last of her.  And who will take over from Roger Mellie?  Could it be Ph'tang's answer to Jerry Springer - Captain D'eath?
In conclusion - a great game, made so by four imaginative players and their hats.
The none too grief stricken mourners.  From left - Captain D, Mrs F, Comrade W, Colonel Incognito.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

President Fred's Funeral - part 3 - enter the hippo (again)

Back to Darkest Africa now.  Above can be seen the funeral cortege underway, accompanied by armed retainers from several factions.
The only ones to bring an AFV to the fiuneral were (of course!) L.A.D.A, whose BTR-152 can be seen bringing up the rear.
Meanwhile by means a matrix argument and clever use of a cue card, Roger Mellie was being mobbed by locals (or are they leftist revolutionaries?) desperate to be on TV.
The cue card in question.  Oh and there's that hippo again...
Not to be outdone, Captain D'eath had some of his men in attendance.
Some?  Well quite a few actually - many hiding in buildings!
The hippo was attracted by the noise of motor vehicles (you may remember it's fondness for such things from before).  Firing soon began - started by the UN(!), with Capt. D'eath soon joining in.  They all missed though and the unfortunate beastie was finished off by the P.O.O.F.S.  And all on live TV....
By now mourners were gathering from all around and the cortege had swollen to epic proportions!  So now that the sound of gunfire has at last been heard, what next?

Part the last coming soon...

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Triples Tuesday

Five weeks to go!  The latest news is that we have made an arrangement with a couple of hotels and can offer the following deal on accommodation over Triples weekend:

The Royal Victoria Holiday Inn and the Holiday Inn Express are offering a discounted rate for people wanting to stay there on the Triples weekend. The rates are as followed (subject to availability):-
Royal Victoria:-
1 night bed and breakfast £69
2 nights bed and breakfast £109
1 night bed and breakfast £59
2 nights bed and breakfast £99
Per room, per night (rooms sleep 2 people)
To book you need to contact the Reservations team on + 44 (0) 114 252 6511 and tell them you are booking for the Sheffield Wargames Society Triples Weekend.

Lightning fast build - part 2

 Here it is finished and wearing the markings (straight from the kit box) of 5 Sqn.  I now have Lightnings in three scales - 1/300, 1/100 and 1/72!  Compare and contrast this latest offering with my (rather neater?) 1/100 version: here.