Saturday, 1 August 2015

M-113 bodging - part 4

My trio of M-113s is complete.  Here they are during field* testing in the company of an M-60A1
Finished as US Army vehicles, they have fallen victim to my version of the MERDC camo scheme.
The vehicles are 1/48 scale - here they are with some 1/35 scale Tamiya infantry.

* Garden actually, but who's counting?

Friday, 31 July 2015

Highland Brigade

I picked up a load of Britains Deetail figures early last year.  All in ceremonial dress, the figures included Guards, bands and these Highlanders.  In all, I have enough to form five 20-figure infantry battalions.  The Highlanders will form a battalion each of Gordons and Black Watch, with the 'spare' pair of officers and trio of pipers making up the brigade HQ.
So why am I sorting them out now?  Because it occurred to me that as long as no-one looks too closely they could be just the lads to add to my forces for the forthcoming Waterloo game.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

M-113 bodging - part 3

The construction of my trio of M-113s is now complete and it's on to the painting.  I'm using two coats of emulsion to 'seal' the materials used before I begin the actual painting.  The pale blue in use was surplus from another project.  Waste not, want not.
The models before the blue paint hit them.  As is obvious, the hatches and engine grilles are bits of balsa and plastic counters, the trim vane on the front is a surplus mdf figure base.  I think I have captured the basic shape of the thing.  Or rather three basic shapes - as mine are all subtly different!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

M-113 bodging - part 2

Last year I built an experimental M-113 in around 1/48 scale from balsa.  The resulting model looks OK but the build was a little too much like hard work.  It occured to me that, following on from some success with carving bits of AFV from insulation foam, it should be relatively easy to carve the fairly simple shape of an M-113.  I tried using the 1-inch thick foam I already had but this didn't go well as the two parts required to make up the hull was clearly one too many.  Some thicker (2-inch) board was acquired (about £5 for a 2x4 foot sheet) and my knife and I returned to the fray.
The basic hull shapes....
...with the distinctive rear fenders.
It all looks a bit bare...
...but hatches and doors are ready to be added using balsa and mdf.
A balsa track guard before final shaping.

More on this crime against accuracy coming soon.