Sunday, 29 November 2015

One man and his 'Hog - part 1

I recently picked up this old (originally released in 1978) kit and uncharacteristically, rather than stashing it away for a few years, I decided to build the thing!  This had originally been part of the Matchbox 'Orange' range, which if memory serves were priced at about the same level as Airfix Series 3.  Which explains why out of a range of around 50 Orange aircraft kits released in the 1970s I only recall having three: Beaufighter, Swordfish and F-16.
 Anyway, back to the Warthog.  The parts - moulded in three colours - were largely flash free and not intimidatingly numerous.  Initial build progressed smoothly enough.
 The decals related to a prototype and a pre-production aircraft.
 Rather a lot of tape holding it all together!
And now for some paint...

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Horsing around 3

This is the final batch of the figures Neil P kindly sent me for the recent Waterloo game.  These elderly Timpo chaps are - I decided  - Prussian hussars and have been re-horsed on Supreme nags.  That aside, work was confined to some repairs and touching in of paint.

Friday, 27 November 2015

WW2 playtest part 1

One bit of gaming I did fit in over the past few weeks was a first playtest of a WW2 game I've been tinkering with.  This owes much to the Little Cold Wars game seen on these pages before but is intended and an even lighter and less serious excuse to shove some toy soldiers around.  I'll explain the detail of it another time, but the look of the thing is also important - working on the basis that 'if it looks right it is right'. I feel it does look right - what do you think?
The game saw an attack by a German battalion-sized force of two rifle companies supported by a platoon each of mortars, tanks and assault guns. All of the figures are from the old Britains Deetail range.  The AFVs are Solido diecasts.

The defenders.  A US infantry company with platoons of mortars, AT and tanks.  The terrain was laid out on my 6x3 foot table - the surface is a carpet mat purchased a few months back from Aldi.
The German mortar battery in action.  The matchstick in the distance was fired by the US mortar.  The unforgiving camera flash showed up the amount of dust on my Panther - I've since cleaned it up a bit!

The German mortar mostly fired smoke....

...while the US mortar got an early lucky hit on the assault gun!
Will the Germans be able to recover from this early setback?

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Free stuff alert!

I noticed one of our fellow bloggers running a giveaway.  Want to know more?  Then head over to Wargame News and Terrain.

What do we do? Wargame News and Terrain is a wargame hobby blog dedicated to supply you with your daily wargame news, straight from the source and our own online research. We also have an extensive collection of reviews and tutorials which you can find in the pages above.

The prizes
I also want to thank the companies that supported this event being Heroic Maps, Alternative Armies, The Ion Age,, Wargames Terrain Workshop and The Wargame Vault for supplying the following great prizes totalling around €100.00!