Friday, 22 June 2018

MTU-55 sort of....

For the forthcoming Gnuston Heights game we'll need as many Syrian bridgelayers as we can muster.  Even my AMX-13 'Poseur de Pont' and my as yet un-photographed Chieftain AVLB will be drafted in!  I had the makings of a suitable bridge from this 2015 purchase but what hull could I use which might pass for a T-55?  Then I remembered a nasty hard plastic Patton I had acquired in a box of crap.  Some sawing, gluing and painting later and the horror above emerged by way of the steps below.
So how accurate a replica is it?  
It has 5 roadwheels each side - like an MTU-55
It is painted green - like an MTU-55 (the camera flash makes it look a lot more garish then the reality)
It has a bridge on the roof - like an MTU-55.

So that's good enough for me!

Conference Of Wargamers 2018 timetable

Those attending COW will by now have received the programme.  Since it went to press I have been offered two more sessions and added them to the timetable:

The updated session list can be found here.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Gnuston Heights, 1973

I am currently assembling - in every sense of the word - forces for a Little Cold Wars game based on the first couple of days of the Syrian attack on the Golan Heights in 1973.  As usual, the toys will be 1/32 figures, 1/50ish vehicles and 1/72 aircraft.  Here the pilot of my dusty Skyhawk rolls his eyes at a Solido halftrack and an ancient Dinky Centurion - both freshly repainted.

Much building, bodging and painting to follow.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

MiG-15 UTI Midget - part 1

I built this a few months ago for a game I have in mind. These little  Hobbyboss kits are a real delight to assemble. No filler, gaps or poorly fitting parts - just a quick build and a nice model. 
Even the box layout is neat and tidy.