Friday, 13 January 2017

Great War Trenches - Belgium 2016

I was doing a bit of tidying up on the blog recently and realised that I hadn't posted these photos from my trip to Belgium last February.  Taken at the Passchendaele Memorial Museum at Zonnebeke, they show some of the replica trenches and dugouts which have been built there.  It's a splendid museum - as well as the trenches and lots of hardware there is a replica of a deep dugout (not for the claustrophobic!).

Monday, 9 January 2017

Another hurried Hind.

You'll remember the Esci Mi-24 which I was definitely going to finish last month?  Right.  Regular readers will not be at all surprised to learn that I was distracted by other matters.  One such was another Hind kit, this time the Airfix version which I picked up for £5 at Triples in 2015.
 I could make up a tale about wanting to compare and contrast the two kits but who'd believe it?

There were no issues with the build.  If anything this is a slightly cruder kit than the Esci effort and  represents an earlier version of the Hind with the familiar (to those of us of a certain age anyway) chin turret and Sagger AT missiles.

So now I have two large helicopters awaiting paint!

Friday, 6 January 2017

Even more storage solutions

 I have mentioned in the past my acquisition of more than a few of the Really Useful Boxes.  These are stackable plastic crates with lids which lock on.  A few months ago I decided to rationalise the storage of my 25mm pointy-stick armies as despite being all neatly labelled, preparation for a game seemed to involve rooting through large numbers of 4 and 9 litre boxes.
I thus decided to move largely to the larger but still quite shallow 10-litre boxes for storage, and to decant the required figures for a game into (usually no more than two) of the smaller boxes for transport.
This means that rather than being scattered across several boxes, my Roman legionaries and auxilia are gathered here in one.

  Similarly we have the 'Persian Cavalry' box.

While the 10 litre boxes can accommodate all but the longest pointy sticks some oddities have to live in taller boxes,  Behold the 'Elephants and Camelphracts' box!

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Misiche 244AD

We played this scenario back in March 2015 but, in need of a game for last Wednesday I sorted out the toys again and assembled an elite team of players.  Well some players anyway.
On the least we have the Sassanids under Shapur I and played by Russell and Nick.  On the right are the Romans under Gordian III played by Jerry and Martin.
 The striking force of the Persian army was on the right - four units of cataphracts and a pair of elephants.
 The Romans started within bow shot of the Sassanid infantry.

 The Romans were sufficiently annoyed to move forward...
 ...while Shapur led forward his elite troops.  And an elephant.
Battle is joined in the centre.  The camelphracts have come galloping over the hill (a sight to see!) and attached Gordian.
 Alas the camels perished in the attempt, but it'll make a good scene in the film version.
 On the Persian right a heavy cavalry grudge match was underway.

 The rather more jumbled armies at half time.

 Confused fighting in the centre.

 This elephant inflicted several hits.  Some on the enemy....

 The end.  Gordian overturns history by claiming a seventh blood-soaked banner...

...while Shapur managed only five.

The real Gordian III was killed during or shortly after the battle.  Not neccessarily by the Persians.  He was aged nineteen.