Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Little Cold Wars published!

I am delighted to report that Little Cold Wars is now on sale!  During the last few weeks I have exchanged many emails with editor and publisher John Curry and I was able to approve the final proof this morning.  Currently the book is only available through the History of Wargaming website (link) but John tells me that it will soon be on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions.
The photo above shows my own personal copy.

Here are a couple of pages chosen at random.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Armed Forces Day 2016 - part 2

 Back to Cleethorpes now.  When we arrived the Red Arrows display was in full swing.  Always a delight.

 Later there was a rather more sedate display from a Hurricane and Spitfire of the RAF's Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

 The Navy's Black Cats team in their Wildcat helicopters are always a highlight.

 Just when you think they can't get any closer...
 ...and closer...
 ...and closer still!

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Armed Forces Day 2016 - the parade

On Saturday 25 June, Mrs G and I visited Cleethorpes in Northeast Lincolnshire which was the location for this national event.  Visiting dignitaries included the Prime Minister - but he must have been on a different train.  It was a pleasingly well attended event and featured air displays , a parade and static displays of big toys by various branched of the forces.
This post will deal with the parade - I hope you enjoy them.
Royal Marines band leading the parade

Here in Britain the Royal Navy is the 'Senior Service', hence it's position at the front pf the parade.

next up was the Army...

...and then the Royal Air Force

Of course, in my opinion a parade isn't a parade without a pipe band!

Veterans were much in evidence...

...and Cadet forces were also represented

Friday, 24 June 2016

Another MUTT

Having built the Tamiya MUTT to the point where it needs spray painting, I started on another.  This one is an Academy kit which includes a mortar with crew.
The sprue looks pretty familiar - hardly surprising as it is a copy of the Tamiya 107mm mortar kit I built a while back - see the earlier post.
So on with the build.  And don't some of those parts look familiar?
Turns out the whole damn kit is a copy of the Tamiya version!