Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Finally facing my Waterloo

You'll recall I mentioned the plan for a game using 54mm toys in this earlier post.  I can now confirm that the details are as follows:

The date for the Waterloo game is confirmed as:

12th September 2015

Location - Central London - Green Park tube 

Timings - 1000hrs - 1815hrs

Lunch + tea  - to be provided at cost  (approx £15 including wine)

More news as it breaks will be reported both here and on the Funny Little Wars Yahoo Group!

And now for something not entirely unrelated....

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

More international arms dealing

It is always encouraging to be reminded that people actually read my ramblings.  One such reader is Col of the very splendid Col's tanks blog.  Noticing what some others have suggested is my 'addiction' to Solido die-casts, Col mentioned that he had a surplus M-41 SP gun.  "Would I like it for my Little Cold Wars project?" He asked.  An arrangement was soon made and the thing arrived from Australia a few days ago.
Here it is - a lovely model with the bonus of a firing gun!  British readers may be
 more familiar with the bigger and only slightly less pleasing Dinky version of the M-41.
Another view.  A light coating of dust seems to have been fitted as standard to Solido models!
And here is a real one.  It's not as nice, is it?

So thanks again to Col!

Monday, 22 June 2015

Neue Stan Halle, 1979 - part 6

A pair of US attack helicopters soon arrived to stiffen the defence.  TOW missiles were launched...(photo by Bob)
...and the lead Forbodian tanks turned on their smoke generators and reversed. (photo by Ian)
This seemed to cause a degree of traffic confusion. (photo by Ian)
More TOWs found targets though.  But as the Warpact advance continued the US infantry looked set to be swamped. (photo by Russell)
Eventually, having seen off the US tanks, some Forbodian infantry assaulted and overran the position.  (photo by Russell)