Thursday, 21 May 2015

Shopping at Triples - part 2 - bits

 I usually manage to pick up some odds and ends at shows, but seldom odder then this lot.  The Britains plastic elephant and gorilla owe me less then £1.
 The gorilla doesn't look too happy about his new home...
 ...while the elephant looks pretty laid back about things.
 I also bought some brass rod and aluminium tube - always in demand for flags and conversions.
 Tim Cockitt presented me with this very splendid 54mm 1670 mounted musketeer which was originally the property of the late Paddy Griffith.

An unlikely trio, but they all seem to get along!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Shopping at Triples - part 1 - kits

Actually I didn't buy much - I rarely do at any show these days - but I will somehow string out my paltry purchases over three posts.  
First up is this useful pair of 1/72 kits - both destined for a hard but glorious career in the armed forces of the peoples' democracies.  To encourage their crews' commitment to the cause I will leave on the sprue any bits which look like the sort of navigation equipment which might encourage defections....  In one of the great ironies of the Cold War, the vendor of these Warpact classics was collecting funds for the British Legion.  A handsome buy at £5 each.

I like these Heller figures, especially the 'Contemporary' - that is early 1970s - sets.  These are all incomplete with just a couple of figures in each but that was reflected in the prices.
Again incomplete, who knows what nationality these chaps will end up as?

Friday, 15 May 2015

Triples - possible traffic disruption

I know - traffic disruption in Sheffield.  Difficult to believe.
Image result for diversion signs
I have been advised that some roads near the Triples venue will be closed from 0800-1100 on Sunday because of the Race For Life.  These are mostly to the immediate north of the Meadowhall shopping complex.

Having spoken to South Yorkshire Police and Sheffield Urban Traffic Control we have been advised that the main route from J34 of the M1 down Attercliffe Common (A6178) is not affected by closures.,-1.407457,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x487977f0df9038e9:0x8802a136286ad509?hl=en

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Radio killed the video star

Joining my lineup of hastily painted dodgy diecasts is this duo.  On the left is a hardtop version of the (t)rusty GAZ-69 and on the right a car-derived Moskvich van.

 The GAZ arrived with a snow plough attachment adorned in a garish shade of orange.  I felt that it could better serve the forces of progressive international socialism as a radio truck.

 According to it's original paintwork, the Moskvich was the ride of choice for the Soviet-era television repair man.  Like the GAZ it has cast aside such bourgeois tendencies in favour of serving the military communications network.  Now does the title make sense?*

* Not heard it for a while?  Here you go: