Friday, 31 October 2014

A pair of old French smoothies

No - not Messieurs Aznavour and Trenet but rather this pair of old 1/43 scale Solido diecasts which I picked up on eBay to serve as staff cars for my Little Cold Wars French forces.  
One of the many joys of Solido models is that they are usually quite easy to dismantle for repainting and maintenance work.  So it was with these models - a Citroen CX and a Peugeot 504 wagon.  I was keen to preserve the considerable chrome plated areas while the stripped body parts were sprayed a rather fetching dark green.
After reassembling them I painted on the number plates - such as they are - and then sat back to admire them.  As it happens I have run three 1/1 scale Peugeots - two 104SL and a 309GL - but the 504 was never a common sight on British roads.  I never quite managed to buy a CX but came close on two occasions before my courage failed me and I bought Volvos instead.  To date my only Citroen was a BX which to be honest wasn't great.  It was replaced with - you guessed it - a Volvo.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Little Guards

These chaps were part of a substantial eBay purchase earlier this year.  Indeed such was the size of this er, investment, that my half of  it provided all of the infantry and most of the cavalry for my early 20th Century British army.
The bandsmen are Britains metal figures...
 ...while these chaps are a mix of metal and plastics.  
Let's ignore the fact that the rifles are SLRs shall we?

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

PM-43 120mm Mortar

One of the things common to Warsaw Pact Motor Rifle Battalions is that they all have a mortar battery.  Mostly these are equipped with towed 120mm weapons of a design that - to my eyes at least - hasn't really changed much since WW2. Er, I mean the Great Patriotic War.  Indeed the PM-43 - as I believe this kit to be only began to be supplemented by the 2B6 Vasilek in the 1970s and the 2B11 from 1981.
Not only that, but the essential characteristics of the crew uniforms - helmets and boots - also remained constant.
That being so, I was pleased to pick up this 1/35 scale Zvezda kit rather cheaply.  Now there is often a reason behind the cheapness of cheap kits but in this case only one part was missing - the muzzle of the tube, a replacement was easily fabricated - and parts fit was generally good.
So here it is all ready to paint.  The only bit that shouts 'WW2' is the carriage with it's rather rustic spoked wheels.  I suppose I could replace them - or just not use it at all.
More after it's been attacked by paint.

Monday, 27 October 2014


 This was a game played with my NATO Brigade Commander rules and run by Martin using his 2mm toys.  A further instalment of our WW3 series of games, this saw a West German Brigade trying to break through a load of nasties in order to relieve their chums.  Interestingly, in this case the nasties were East Germans.  Martin led the Commies while I represented the Free World and we settled in for a grudge match!
  A West German Panzer Battalion on the move.
 Happily I was able to deploy the brigade quite quickly.
 The Panzer Grenadier Battalion makes a daring sweep round the left flank and - for only minor losses - shifted an enemy battalion from a village.
 An overview of the battle.  The DDR forces comprised a full Motor Rifle Regiment.
 My Artillery Battalion prepares to fire.

 My forces applied and maintained relentless pressure on the Commies. 
 Still making good progress - despite a few casualties.
 Soon I was able to concentrate my battalions again...
 ...for an assault on the DDR tank battalion.
 It wasn't completely pain free....
 ...but the Commies were wiped out!
 Even air attacks were shrugged off...
...and a route was soon opened!