Friday, 30 January 2015

Bother at the bridge - part 4

Back at the bridge the first Panhard troop has finally expired in a hail of RPG fire.
The VDV troops secure the village.  The stand of a VDV platoon can be seen under the grey building - clearly it' new tenants are firmly in control.
A sortie by a brave French platoon resulted in this unsightly street brawl.  The end of the bridge is bottom right.
The French reinforcements dismount from their VAB.  They look quite angry.
The Sovs gained the upper hand in the street fight and the French scuttled off back to cover.
Meanwhile French artillery had reduced the grey building to this ruin!

So while the VDV seem to have control of the village, they have taken a battering and the French reinforcements are massing at the other end of the bridge.

Will the Frenchies storm the bridge  - a la Hauptsturmfuhrer Grabner?

What random target will the French gunners hit next? 

Will it be those drums of petrol?

Will some idiot hit the bridge?

Have the helicopters gone for good?

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Bother at the bridge - part 3

Back at the bridge the Paras are under fire from the Panhard troop but a lucky RPG shot has seen AML numbers reduced. They've also deployed the mortar battery - which despite the 120 in the photo is actually only 82mm.
Behind the paras the cheeky french have moved up this MG armed jeep.  Actually this is a Citroen Mehari - a militarised 2CV.  Like the original, my Solido model has plastic bodywork.....
Just when things were already looking a bit grim for the Sovs, the French reinforcements arrived in the shape of VAB mounted infantry and a flock of Panhards.
On the other side of the river the paras were getting stuck into what turned out to be the french HQ.  The latter had been skulking in a building which too, a hit from artillery fire. French artillery fire...
The close assault was only ever going one way......

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Hounding a Hound - part 1

I'd hoped to have had this beastie ready for the recent game but it's still not finished.  Despite its attractive price (it must have been quite cheap for me to buy it!) this turned out to be a 'proper' kit.  Indeed the less ham-fisted modeller has the option to include a load of internal detail and even opened rear clamshell doors.  Not me though.  Given that this thing is destined to have a hard life being loaded in and out of cars and halls even before we get to in game handling it seemed sensible to  leave many of the fiddly bits on the sprues....

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Bother at the bridge - part 2

While the Warpact heli force clatters across the table, the Mi-1 gunship diverts to beat up the Flak position.  A salvo of rockets soon thins out the number of AA gunners.  However, the Flak isn't done yet...
...and the artillery spotter's Mi-2 plunges to it's fiery doom.
Meanwhile the transport helis reach the LZ and out pile the paras.
These chaps are the highly sought after 1/32 Esci figures.  Buy them if you see them!
Sadly the paras soon come under fire from French armoured cars.  The model is a Solido Panhard AML.