Thursday, 7 November 2013

The end of President Fred? - part 1

This game, played on 6 November at Sheffield Wargames Society followed on from our last outing to Darkest Africa.  See the earlier post for an outline of the game mechanisms.  Here are the player briefings.  Next time we'll see the action unfolding.  Or just unravelling......

Personal briefing – President Fred - played by Kayte
You are the democratically elected and benign ruler of the small African state of Ph’tang, your party P.O.N.G. (the Ph’tangi Organisation for National Glorification) having swept to victory at the last election.  And the one before that.  Under your direct command is your devoted (and well remunerated) bodyguard, The Purple Helmets.
You also have at your service a loyal unit of the Ph’tangi Army, namely F.R.O.L.I.C.  – formerly under the command of your loyal but sinister subordinate Captain D’eath who, after his televised massacre of civillians and elephants is now in hiding..

  1. Survive and cling to power.
  2. Repel the attack on Ph’tang and inflict a defeat on the Leftist Army of Darkest Africa (LADA)
  3. Display the exaggerated mannerisms of a comedy dictator.
Fred's armoured column advances
Personal briefing – Captain D’eath - played by Mark
You were until recently are the loyal and trusted sidekick to President Fred of Ph’tang.  Your career took a turn for the worse when you were filmed killing civillians and (more shockingly) elephants!
  1. Carry out a dramatic act of service to Fred which will get you back in to his inner circle.
  2. Take revenge agains any western journalists – especially TV crews – for the damage done to your career.
  3. Kill any wiildlife in the area. 
Capt. D'eath's 'Sultana' APC
Personal briefing – The Limp Wrist - played by Martin
You are the shadowy and mysterious leader of a popular (well not that popular) uprising against the evil dictatorship of President Fred. Your organisation, The Peoples Organisation For Socialism (P.O.O.F.S.) is covertly backed by the Cuban sponsored Leftist Army of Darkest Africa (L.A.D.A.) which has invaded Ph’tang in support of your cause..
  1. Become the internationally recognised leader of the Ph’tangi people.
  2. Acquire more military hardware – the more the better!
  3. Include a load of Marxist claptrap in every argument.
  4. Act in a rather camp manner.
    A bunch of P.O.O.F.S.
Personal briefing – Captain Hertz Van Rental - non player
You are a young officer of the Royal Dutch Marines currently on UN peacekeeping duty on the border between Ph’tang and Z’tumto.  President Fred of Ph’tang has given his permission for UN casualties to be flown out from the local airport.  On the face of it this is a generous offer, but as he is known to be a ruthless dictator his motives must be open to doubt. It is likely that Ph’tang will soon descend into unrest if not full civil war.
  1. Get the casualties safely to the airport and thence away by helicopter.
  2. Avoid becoming involved in any factional fighting in Ph’tang.
  3. Ensure you feature prominently and positively in any TV coverage.
    The UN column
Personal briefing – Colonel Incognito - played by John
You are the Cuban ‘adviser’ to and thus de facto commander of L.A.D.A. (the Leftist Army of Darkest Africa). Having assembled your forces in nearby Zoone, you are invading Ph’tang and putting the country to the fire and sword in the interests of peace and stability. You have instructed the local revolutionaries to take action, and it is better that they sustain the casualties, rather than losing your expensively trained regulars…
  1. Depose the fascist President Fred.
  2. Exercise control over the leader of the Ph’tangi rebels.
  3. Achieve a major military victory.
  4. Include a load of Marxist claptrap in every argument.
    L.A.D.A. on the move.
Personal briefing – Roger Mellie - non player
 You are a hard-drinking veteran journalist and were in Ph’tang a few months ago to cover the election (and the subsequent unrest).  You have recenty flown back to cover the expected invasion of the country by the Cuban-backed Leftist Army of Darkest Africa.
  1. Secure footage of actual combat.
  2. Present a dramatic 30-60 second report each turn.
  3. Emerge alive (and preferably drunk) with your reputation enhanced.


MSFoy said...

Just excellent - I love it.

Tim Gow said...

I'm sure you should be worried by that!

Mark Hides said...

It was an excellent game, the company making it doubly so. Thank you to all those involved.

Tim Gow said...

Mark Hides
Glad you enjoyed it. The full sordid tale will soon be revealed to an expectant world....

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Epic Stuff!

Pete. said...

I see what I missed now- oh well, put me down for the next one though please. :)



Paul Foster said...

Looking good so far Tim!

Arthur said...

Hi Tim

It will be a sad day indeed if Pres Fred pops his clogs. Start lining up his descendants, Africa just wouldn't be the same without these types.


Al said...

Cool post, very original Tim

Tim Gow said...

All the stranger that you never see Ph'tang in the papers!

Tim Gow said...

Fletcher Pratt on the 20th! Text or ring me to discuss....

Tim Gow said...

Paul Foster
I know you are a big fan of Fred's approach to er, 'democracy'...

Tim Gow said...

Best send your CV in now....

Tim Gow said...

Just another day in Ph'tang....

Arthur said...

Heh heh, nice one, Tim.. I think some of my staff might agree with you, too.

Come over here some time for a presidential holiday, which means snazzy uniforms and rows of shiny tin stuff on the chest, at your own risk of course - Kevlar backing might be better as the shiny bits make great aiming points. Not that anyone can actually shoot straight here.

Ah well..

Tim Gow said...

I'll check the President's schedule. If he survives.....

Archduke Piccolo said...

Sometimes the blog traffic is so quick, some postings get by under the radar. So this one. I'm glad I found it for two reasons. I'm always on the look out for a good story, of course. But it is kinda nice to see others developing projects vaguely similar to one's own, so I can pinch ideas, partly, but mainly as a species of affirmation.

Of course, being somewhat of the left wing (though not so much the left foot) persuasion, I shall be rooting (so to speak) for the People's Own Organization Of Freed Slaves [:-)]. I hear rumours that an associated Anarchist political outfit taking root (in a manner of speaking) in the more remote jungles of Ph'tang: Freedom Fighters Against All Government (FFAAG).

Tim Gow said...

Archduke Piccolo
This has already run and run - long may it do so!