Thursday, 28 November 2013

Flags of all nations

A couple of readers asked about the removable flags I have introduced to my recent and ongoing 54mm toys.  Above is a BMC ACW figure whose paintwork would enable him to show up in several different armies during the 1860-1914 period.
The flagpole is a length of brass rod drilled and glued into the figure's hands.
The flags are laser printed on normal (80gsm) white printer paper and then wrapped round a length of brass tube and secured with PVA.  Here is the same chap serving the French Republic in 1871...
...but he is clearly keeping his options open!
The brass rod and tube was sourced in a local model shop.  The rod can be cut with pliers, the tube with a razor saw.
The four flags I recently finished.  They are finished off with a coat of gloss varnish.  This not only binds them into a shape (they are all slightly wavy) but also makes 'em showerproof!


Col said...

Wonderful Flags Tim! Very nicely done. But do you really play with your soldiers in the shower? :)

Tim Gow said...

Listen, you have your private life and I have mine. OK?

Sean said...

Excellent! I have been thinking about this very idea, which I was calling sabot flags. Time to pull the trigger.

Tim Gow said...

If I can manage it there can be no excuses!