Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The bomber will always get through!

Or will it?  This game followed on from the WW1 playtest and featured some of the new-fangled monoplane tri-motor bombers you may have heard about.  This pair were on their way to bomb the same target as previously.
Unfortunately for them it also featured some new-fangled monoplane fighters.  I can't see those enclosed cockpits catching on.
On flew the bombers...

...skirting the barrage balloon...
...but what's this?  Tally Ho!
One bomber was hit by party popper AA fire.

Target in sight - bombs away!
As they left the area of play the fighters finally managed to intercept.  The striking thing about this game was that until the final turn the bombers ran rings round the more agile fighters.  Maybe they will always get through.


Pete. said...

If you are worried by the bombers you need a twin engine heavy fighter to sort them out....

Are these models from you recent bulk buy of old kits?



Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I like the "Party Poppers" analogue simulation of AA fire
A bit like the Fletcher Pratt analogue rule mechanisms