Monday, 17 December 2012

Six-mil Springboks

I recently found these old (January 2005) photos of my 6mm 1980s South Africans in action.  Above is a Brigade supply base in a border village with a senior officer just arriving by helicopter.  Vehicles by Heroics & Ros and Scotia, Puma by H&R, buildings scratchbuilt from balsa.
Infantry in Buffel APCs 'pacifying' a kraal.
That Puma certainly gets around!

A patrol of Eland (SA licence-built Panhard AML) armoured cars escorts supplies of 'Cuca' beer - possibly Angola's best known product? 
The lorry started life as an H&R Ural375D before being corrupted by capitalism.
Soon after the game photographed above I churned out more SADF toys, including heavier artillery.
The accumulation of SADF toys skulking in their drawer.  It's been a while since they came out to play.


Arthur said...

The house architecture indicates the village is in Angola; the beer truck indicates it is in Angola... must be in Angola.

Clearly though, you are not depicting my old SADF unit as the beer truck would have been empty.

Mind you, we weren't in Angola as there were other areas of interest, too.


Tim Gow said...

The beer truck may well be empty by now - it has spent some years in a drawer with several dozen insurgents...

Herman van Kradenburg said...

Love the G6! Did you scratch-build these?

Tim Gow said...

Herman van Kradenburg
The G6, like most of my SADF models is a Scotia casting.

Herman van Kradenburg said...

Never realised anyone did SADF models that you could use game with (I game and model in 20 mm (1/72) and 28 mm.)
Thanks for the link!. Would be good to play a skirmish or two. Am looking at modifying 20mm WW2 Desert Rats to represent SA Divisions in the 8th Army. We live in NZ, and my kids find the whole Border War concept a bit abstract and in some ways puzzling. One history teacher even said to my eldest that there was no such thing as a Border War in SA! Those of us that lived through it know different!

Tim Gow said...

Herman van Kradenburg
I think that Platoon 20 do some suitable figures in 20mm. And my own 20mm WW2 formations include a SA div. You've clearly had an interesting past - shall I drag more of my SADF toys in front of the camera?
Some years ago one of my stepson's teachers told him off for claiming there was a weapon called a 'pike'. Isn't education wonderful?

Tim Gow said...

Herman van Kradenburg
Have a look also at Liberation Miniatures fro 20mm figures -