Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Scenarios for Iron Ships & Wooden Heads - 2

The 6x4 foot table is laid out with a group of four small islands near it's centre.  One larger than the others but none more than 6 inches long.

The Navy of the Basque Republic (NOBER)

All the survivors from Scenario 1.

Er, that’s it!

Enter from the north-western corner of the table, as previously.


The Fleet of the Republic of Castile (FROC)

All the survivors from Scenario 1. At sea, within 18 inches of the islands.

1D6 minus 2 Submarines (placed in secret anywhere on the table)

2 Old Battleships                  Clank, Clunk at sea, in the southern half of the table.

2 Destroyer Flotillas             CD5, CD6 at sea, anywhere on the table.

1 Air Wing based on an aerodrome on the largest of the islands. If the aerodrome is crippled, it cannot be repaired and the air wing is grounded.
The Basque Provisional Independent Cruiser Squadron from Scenario 1 - Crapo, Crudo, Cluedo and Completo.
A close-up of Crapo.  Any resemblance to Graf Spee is entirely coincidental...

Who won?

The Basques win if they manage to get four transports into base contact with the largest island, and cripple the aerodrome.

The Castillians win if they prevent this.


Anonymous said...

I suppose Manuel Bothans died getting the plans to copy...err, develop independently the B.S.S. Crapo class.

Tim Gow said...

Lets just say that some of the weapons procurement staff were given generous expense allowances...