Sunday, 30 December 2012

More Immortality

 My second unit of Immortals are also old Garrison figures.  That is, they're new figures a few months old) from old moulds.  Or rather new castings from re-cut moulds.  Clear?  Excellent.
Whatever the age of the original moulds, these are nice crisp castings - probably rather better than Garrison figures were in the 1970s.
They have been subjected to a pretty basic - though quite intricate by my standards - paint job and will no doubt soon be exchanging insults and pointy stick injuries with my Greeks.
At the same time I painted this Persian General and his standard bearer.  They are also Garrison figures.


Xaltotun of Python said...

New castings from new moulds from the original masters!


Tim Gow said...

Oh yeah - that's what I meant!

Jim Duncan said...

I must get some of these soon, once I've finished my Spencer Smiths, my 10mm WW2, my 6mm Napoleonics, my 12mm Medievals, my 1/144th WW1 aircraft, my get the picture!

Tim Gow said...

Jim Duncan
A sensible person will be thinking it'll be a while before you get round to it. I'm thinking you'll be ordering some by the end of the week....

Xaltotun of Python said...

No he won't. We're closed until March.

He He He

Happy New Year