Monday, 13 May 2013

Sheffield Triples

Just a reminder that the coming weekend (18 & 19 May) sees the Sheffield Triples Wargames Show return to the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield (just off J34 of the M1). 

Click on the image above or here for full details.

News of the show has also made it into the local press - just don't pay too much attention to the (mis)quotes....

As well as helping (in my role as a Sheffield Wargames Society member) to ensure the show runs smoothly, I will also spend  bit of time running this year's Wargame Developments game, Ten Rounds Rapid.  This is a 15 minute solo game set in August 1914 in which the player commands a BEF infantry battalion facing an attack by the field grey pointy-helmeted hordes.  You could win a medal...

I look forward to seeing you there!


Paul said...

Good luck with this Tim, I know you are champing at the bit for this.

Pete. said...

I'll see you there- I'll be helping at the Under Fire stand.