Monday, 4 February 2013

US Airmobile Brigade - part 2

Following on from the two infantry battalions (and yes I know there should be three but two should be enough to be going on with...), here are the rest of the brigade assets.
Above is the brigade HQ - more GHQ toys.
Above - OH-58 scout helicopters.  GHQ 1/285 scale models.
Below - a GHQ Chinook - the tramsport for the brigade artillery.

The brigade artillery - two batteries of 105mm guns towed by more Hummvees.
And finally....for some reason I don't have pics of my AH-64s in flight, but this sorry specimen clearly flew too close to the power lines...


Phil said...

Very nice brigade, a good work!

Paul said...

A very tight unit Tim. I would not worry too much about a 2 Bn Bde either, given the way deployments pan out.

Lovely stuff.