Friday, 8 February 2013

Platea 479BC

This was a Command & Colours game planned to be played at the Sheffield Club last wednesday.  As I sorted the toys out on Sunday I set it up and played it through.  As usual the game was played on my Hexon terrain with my 25mm toys.  A report on the subsequent game will follow in due course.
Above is the right wing of the Persian army - possibly wishing their shields were made from something more substantial than wicker!
The initial setup - Persians at the top.
The Persian left - complete with my two units of recently painted Garrison Immortals.
The Greek left.
The Immortals swap dirty looks with the Greek right.  All three units of hoplites are Spartans, including my 1970s veterans in the centre
The whole sorry mess seen from behind the Persians
An early move - the Greek left advances to bow twanging and pointy stick hurling range.
The Greek right grinds forward.  One unit of Immortals has already been seen off.  The other (top of frame) have retired to a safer distance,
Mardonius and his cavalry face the Spartans alone!  Brave lads.
The Persian cavalry charge took down a few of the lighter Greek troops.
Meanwhile on the (Persian) right even the lighter cavalry were having a go!
Sadly for the King of Kings' dreams of conquest, Maridonius's chaps met their ends on the elderly but evidently still rather sharp spears of some Hinchliffe hoplites.  This clinched a victory for the Greeks - with 6 banners to the Persian's two.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I must investigate this set of rules however I am having fun with DBA or should I say BBDBA and there is Impetus beckoning too

Like those hexes

Ross Mac said...

Ah well, better luck next time Mardonius.

Tim Gow said...

Speed and simplicity are the joys of C&C. On Wednesday we began setting the game up at 7pm and finished by 8.15! It also looks good (when played with the toys and Hexon) and produces a palatable result.

Tim Gow said...

Ross Mac
Mardonius evidently survived his awkward post battle interview with Xerxes as he had another go on Wednesday. Report coming later in the week.....

Martin Rapier said...

" It also looks good (when played with the toys and Hexon) and produces a palatable result. "

I just use my (double size) DBA based armies with it too. The number of figures/bases don't really matter as long as you cna tell who is who.

Tim Gow said...

Martin Rapier
Telling the sides apart can be a challenge at times!