Saturday, 12 February 2011

Flying Tiger

Another 1/144 scale aircraft now.  Recently I was lucky enough to pick up on Ebay no less than four P-40 Tomahawks.  These are Wing Club models which come pre-painted but in need of assembly.  All were in the colour scheme of the 'Flying Tigers' - a US volunteer unit which served in China against the Japanese during late 1941 and early 1942.  So far I have only built one, so here it is.

The canopy is supplied as three parts but I had to paint the framing myself.

I added a number and some light weathering.


Bill said...

love the old P-40!

Tim Gow said...

My view of the P-40 has been conditioned (predictably) by building the old Airfix 'Kittyhawk'. A eries 1 kit in grey plastic which I remember seeming unneccessarily complicated compared to a Bf-109 or Hurricane. I expect that was just me.

Bartender said...

I learn new things when I read your blog!

Tim Gow said...

Always happy to provide a mind-expanding experience!