Sunday, 20 February 2011

6mm Modern Japanese - part 2 - recce and tanks

More of my 'modern' period Japanese forces now, with some photos of tanks & recce.  After experiments with M-24s in the '50s, the first indigenous tank was the Type 61 which looks a lot like a slightly scaled down M-47.  This was followed by the sleek (in an AMX-30 sort of way) Type 74 and more recently the Type 90.  Sadly the pics of the Type 90 did not come out at all well, but to my eyes it looks very much like an early Leopard 2.
Type 87 armoured car.  This and all other models in this post are by Scotia.
Type 61 MBT -  Produced from 1962 - early 1970s
Type 74 - produced from 1974.
Next time - artillery and AA vehicles.


Paul said...

I like this force. It makes a great change from the normal characters associated with period wargames.

I never thought of the type74 beoing AMX30 like, but you hit the nail on the head there.

Tim Gow said...

But in contrast to Jap and French cars, it's the Type 74 which has height adjustable suspension (like the old Citroen BX I used to have). I wonder if the turret hatches on the '74 were as leaky as the BX's sunroof...