Friday, 9 June 2017

Charleville-Mezieres & Montherme - European Road Trip Day 2, part 2

OK - so no military stuff in this post but some nice bits of France.  Heading further south and following signs for Sedan and Verdun we stopped for a stroll about and lunch in Charleville-Mezieres.
Spot the Command Bus!

Our overnight stop was a few km north by the Meuse in Montherme.

It was busy though - with both motorhomes and boats competing for electric hook-up points.  Happily our van can happily function 'off-grid'.  Still, a very nice parking spot for only 3 Euros!


joppy said...

MrsJ and I spent a couple of days there with the caravan a few years ago (en route to Waterloo) at a lovely council run campsite on the edge of town. Managed to fit in a trip round one of the Maginot forts while we were there. Nearly didn't get out of town at the end, as MrsJ likes to tow the van but forgot to drive on the right when turning left in the centre. A few horns honked and shrugs exchanged.

Tim Gow said...

Is that the campsite on the other side of the river from town? We looked at the Aire (motorhome parking) nearby buy it was rammed.

joppy said...

That was the one. Very popular, even in May when we were there. I'll be bucking for a return visit sometime.

Martin Rapier said...

Montherme is where Reinhardts panzer corps (6th and 8th Pz Divs) crossed the Meuse in 1940. An assault crossing in rubber boats, they the built a footbridge where that last bridge in your photo sequence is and tried to take the wooded heights (and failed). Opposed by the 102nd Fortress Division.

Tim Gow said...

Martin Rapier
In deed. Given that this wasn't out first choice of stopover that night I was rather pleased to end up there! Those hills are no joke though, even with three and a half times the power to weight ratio of a Panzer 38(t).